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Emma Bell's Book Report

Superfudge by Judy Blume

Beth Gordon

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of Emma Bell's Book Report

by: Judy Blume

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Main Characters
The main characters of Superfudge are Peter Hatcher and his obnoxious brother Farley Drexel otherwise known as Fudge.
Theme/Lesson Learned
The theme of Superfudge is a quote from Peter's Dad. He stated, "Changes take some time getting used to, but in the long run they're healthy."
By: Emma Bell
Ten year old Peter is a kind and funny person who is exasperated with his little brother Fudge. Peter is annoyed by Fudge and he often wants to pull his hair out. But, most of the time he stays calm and keeps his cool. For example, one time Fudge put collector's stamps all over Tootsie (his baby sister) and hid her. Peter didn't yell at Fudge, he just told him not to do it again. Peter is also an obedient and high-spirited person. He is an obedient person because he has to pick up his dog Turtle's scat off the sidewalk when he walks him, and he never forgets. Peter is very responsible too! He baby-sits Fudge all the time! Peter is a good friend when he learns he is moving to New Jersey and tells Jimmy Fargo, his best friend, that he can use his favorite rock.
Four year old Fudge is a silly and kind little boy who aggravates his big brother Peter. Fudge shows he is silly when he dances barefoot with his Grandma in Tootsie's bedroom! Even though Fudge is silly he is also caring. For example, he says quite frequently, "I love you mommy!" or "I love you Pee-tah!". Fudge is always very sorry when he does something to aggravate or hurt somebody. Fudge also does what he is told to do. One time his mom told him to go clean up his mess and he did it right away. Fudge is a kind, obedient, and frivolous little boy.
Comparing Peter and Fudge Hatcher
Rarely yells at Fudge when he is mad.-Calm
Runs around and hides Tootsie.-Silly
I hope you enjoy my
Prezi book
Tells jokes and makes
comical remarks.-Funny
Makes people laugh by telling jokes and just being himself.-Funny
Both tell jokes and
make people laugh.-Funny
Shares with his
Loves to tell people he loves them.-Caring/Kind
Both show they love
Picks up Turtle's scat off
the sidewalk.-Obedient

Listens to his Mom and obeys right away.-Obedient
Both listen and follow
Thanks for watching!
The Hatcher family lives in the heart of New York City with their dog Turtle. The Hatcher family consists of Peter Hatcher, his younger brother Farley Drexel Hatcher or Fudge, and their parents, Mom and Dad. Peter is a normal kid with normal friends and an abnormal enemy and brother Fudge. Jimmy Fargo is Peter's all time best friend who plays with him on their "rocks" in Central Park. Peter thinks his sworn enemy for life, Shelia Tubman, is a big brat and sissy because she is afraid of Turtle and says he stinks, is gross, and is the worst dog ever. But, Peter has other things to deal with other than that pain Sheila. His brother Fudge is more than he can handle.
Fudge is Peter's worst nightmare. He bounces off the walls like a maniac and annoys Peter like I don't know what. And then it just gets worse. Peter learns that he is going to get a baby sister and he decides to run away. His Mom convinces him to stay and try out the baby. Tootsie, the baby, is born and Peter learns to handle another little pain in his life. One day Peter gets another surprise. His father is the president of an advertisement company, but he decides to take a break and start writing a book. But he doesn't want to write it in New York. No, he wants to write it in New Jersey, in the country. So Peter is forced to move away. Away from his home, away from his school, away from his friends, Jimmy, and finally, away from Sheila.
Plot (continued)
Plot (continued)
When the Hatchers arrive in New Jersey they settle in their new house fine and Peter meets his new neighbor Alex. Peter and Alex immediately become friends and Peter thinks things are actually going to be okay. And then Fudge adopts a myna bird. That doesn't sound so bad but, myna birds can talk. The first thing Fudge teaches Uncle Feather,the bird, to say was, "Hi Stupid!" and "Bonjour Stupid!" One day Fudge befriends a neighbor too. His name was Danny. The boys play and live a normal life in New Jersey until Fudge and Danny decide to go buy brownies for their Mommies, from a shop on the side of the highway. They use bikes as their form of transportation. Their family thinks they're lost and become frantic. When the boys are found they suffer a severe consequence. Through all of Fudge's episodes like throwing an extremely terrible fit on his first day of pre-school and having to move teachers, to him even hiding his baby sister; Peter learns to except his brother and his actions even though he wants to disappear during those times.
and Opinion
Superfudge is an amazing book! If you like reading funny books than this is the perfect match for you! Reading this book will make you laugh so hard your side will cramp! I love this book because it is hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. Peter and Fudge will take you on an adventure that makes you not want to set the book down. Judy Blume did an exceptional job at writing this novel. so if you love to be completely enthralled and entertained when you are reading, go and get this book from your library! What are you waiting for???!!! Go!!!
Check out these other amazing Fudge books!
They rock!!!
Psssstt! You should read the whole series!!!
I give this book 5 stars and a bunch of thumbs up!!!
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