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Road Map to Sustainability

No description

Caroline Hurd

on 23 September 2016

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Transcript of Road Map to Sustainability

A realistic objective?
(adj.) of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged
Road Map to Sustainability
A Sustainable Society
Is sustainability possible?
What is Sustainability?
Sustainability is a broad term that encompasses all areas of life

We will look at measuring sustainability from both a business and individual standpoint to determine if it is in fact achievable
Municipal Waste Statistics
Provided by the U.N. as of 2011
Our Habits Today
To Be Truly Sustainable

for an oil company such to never spill a drop of oil?

for an automobile manufacturer to never produce a car that never emits any harmful gases?

for a clothing company to use completely ethical practices when manufacturing their products?

Ford Fiesta
Currently rated as the most efficient non-hybrid car on the market...
Then why wasn't it introduced into the North American market until...

From an economic standpoint it didn't make sense for Ford...
Looking in own self interest
Shareholder value is always the top priority
Ford was not willing to experience a loss on the cost to export the cars to North America
"Reduce. Reuse. Recycle"
Is Ford following it's own mantra?
They decided to enter the North American market in 2010 because competitors began to gain an advantage in the region, not out of interest for the environment

Sustainable Company?
The Rana Plaza Incident
1,100 workers killed in factory collapse in April 2013

H&M claimed they would review ethical policies to improve working conditions of factories it partners with...
Semi-Annual evaluation of suppliers
Planning systems to enforce code of conduct...
Why did H&M remain in Bangledesh after such a horrific incident?
Bangledesh still has one of the lowest minimum wages - $38/month

Claiming the corporation wants to "help improve conditions in the region"

Really just wants to continue taking advantage of workers, especially in such a corrupt environment
How sustainable practices also benefit business strategies
Generate cost savings

Favorable public opinion

Increase customer loyalty

Provide a competitive advantage

Increase brand value

Higher customer retention
(Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)
Promotes green leadership building

Paving the way for a sustainable future

LEED certified buildings:
Save more money and resources
Have a positive impact on health of occupants
All while promoting renewable, clean energy

Flexible enough to apply to all types of projects

LEED certification is recognized as a premiere mark of achievement nationwide
Leads the retail sector in LEED certification

583 certified stores across 19 countries

Recycle coffee grounds on table tops
Use low emitting materials
Incorporate low-flow water valves
Purchase cabinetry with 90% post-industrial material
Over 10% of materials extracted within 500 miles radius of store location
Over 45% lighting power savings through the use of LED fixtures

Reduce energy & water consumption costs by more than 20%

Reduced solid waste & waste water disposal costs by more than 15%

Improved the quality of the environment in which they operate

Improved staff motivation and community relations
Source: http://green.hotelscombined.com/Gyh-The-Business-Case-For-Sustainability.php
- Only truly "wild" food
- No houses
- Canoes, rafts, and feet
Reaching Sustainability Globally
Environmental accountability
equitable, bearable, viable

Promote inter-country transfer of technology and best practices

Address emerging environmental risks
Expand scientific knowledge and technological advancements
Global Factors Impacting Sustainability
Rising population rates
In 1991 UN predicted a global population of 7.7 billion by 2060, current estimates now claim a 9 billion peak by 2050

Increasing life expectancy

Widening resource gap- developed and emerging countries
Qatar (8 planets) vs. Sweden (2.2 planets)

Inadequate sustainable technology transfer

Sustainable Business: Best Practices
Applying green supply chain management practices
compliance, continuous improvement, integration, innovation, leadership

Reduce resource consumption- water, energy, natural resources

Increase reliance on alternative energy sources
solar heaters, green roofs, compact fluorescent lights

Purchase local products - saves transportation costs & transportation pollution

Improve working conditions

Retention of air pollution

Reduce consumption of non-local goods

Improve home efficiency to reduce energy consumption

Recycle and compost
84% of household waste is recyclable

Adopt longer lasting products
Sustainability: Individual Level

Is sustainability a realistic objective for society?

Please re-take the poll
Triple-Bottom Line
Although it may seem possible, there are clearly many obstacles that stand in the way

As individuals, and corporations, it is a difficult task but definitely plausible
Peabody Energy
World's Largest Coal Producer
The company has existed for over 50 years and has come under fire for it's environmental impact

Cause immense amount of air pollution - yet company still continues to exist, profit, and flourish

Is a company that causes $2.1Bn of damages in one U.S. state alone going to make sustainability a realistic objective?











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