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Fitness to Study Policy

No description

susan dwyer

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Fitness to Study Policy

Fit to Study? In return for the support students enter into an agreement contract with us to fulfill their part of the bargain. Support is a two way street Quickly list
the ways we
support students Fitness
Study Policy Fantastic Support for students at Runshaw If discussion and negotiation about the future of the student at College can not be amicably resolved the only option currently available is the disciplinary route. For an already vulnerable student the negative connotations of a disciplinary process can potentially
be very damaging Case Studies Each group has 4 case studies. everyone should look at Case Study 1 and then select one other The Fitness to Study Policy will be on the corporate intranet by the end of term.
Please could teaching Heads of School share this with their teams Sadly,
even with all the support available and reasonable
adjustments made, a student may not be able to comply or cope due to mental health or severe or complex health issues Some students
have complex issues ,
the Disciplinary Policy
has not seemed
to be appropriate Each week the Safeguarding
and Support (SAS)Team meet to consider students who have multiple causes for concern to negotiate a multi disciplinary package and plan to support students The SAS is made up of Heads of Study, Mentors, ILAs, Head of Student Services and Head of Study Support
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