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Virginia Woolf

Research Project! :)

Morgan Chambers

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Virginia Woolf

Enjoyed Advantages of financial intellectual environment.
privately tutored-given luxury access to father’s library.
Virginia was too frail to attend school regularly.
After father’s death (1904), Virginia and her siblings moved to area of London, known as Bloomsbury.
Continual Momentary antiquity:
Married Leonard Woolf, Journalist and Economist in 1912.
Pursued experimental vision that emphasizes personal impressions over external events.
Used her technique to stream consciousness.
Suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety.

Continual Introduction:
Age 33, in 1915, first novel ‘Voyage Out’ was published.
Reviewed books early 20’s.
2005, ‘Mrs. Dalloway’ was one of the best novels.
Deepened with German Bombing raiding over England in World War II.
Wrote since she was 14 years old.

Time Period:
Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) was an English novelist, essayist, biographer, and feminist. Woolf was a prolific writer, whose modernist style changed with each new novel. and Her letters and memoirs reveal glimpses of Woolf at the center of English literary culture during the Bloomsbury era.

Though this instability often affected her social life, her literary productivity continued with few breaks throughout her life and that is what motivated her and why she had hoped to achieve her publishing work.

Introduction to work of art:
November 1939, wrote ‘Hitler on the Radio..’
February 1921, wrote ‘A Sore Point.’
Wrote ‘A Long Strip Of Life.’
Wrote novels as ‘To the Light House'
The Waves’ published in 1931.
‘Mrs. Dalloway’ published in 1925.
‘Jacob’s Room.’ published in 1922
Virginia Woolf

presented by: Morgan Chambers

Birthdate: January 5th, 1882.

Age: 59 years old.

Hometown: Victorian, England

Virginia Woolf and her mother, Julia Prinsep Duckworth Stephen.
Virginia Woolf at age 18.
Virginia Woolf's Best selling novel, 'The Waves'.
Virginia Woolf's best selling printed novel, 'Mrs. Dalloway'.
In your opinion, what is the overall tone of her novel?
What are your thoughts of Virginia Woolf?
Who was her motivation to inspire her for her published novels?
In your opinion, Why do you think that Virginia Wool has taken her life?
How do you see her as a person?
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