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Bread Hater

dont be hatin'

Frederick Mora

on 13 September 2011

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Transcript of Bread Hater

Bread Haters....? Hello we all deserve the holy bread.... ......right!? STEVE McCUTCHEON Launch publicity TALK Talk TALK talk TalK Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Phase 1 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Phase 2 HOW IT'S GOING TO UNFOLD We go online

Get members in on the joke

We create the Term mystery hype confusion The action begins

Take on McCutcheon

Bring in the press (release) outrage hyperbole bread hater!! Go guerilla

Take it to the absurd

Use the logo publicity drama action Continue to grow

Link the events here comes the sting...... Expose ourselves

Air the issue


Call to action We are Goodis Milly Malcom Russell Clark Jackson Harper Luke Falkland Brown Elena Board Lili Sapi Fred Mora Who we are dealing with. Who we are dealing with. Where we are. Where we are How we are going to get there. Insights. The problem that shaped our creative. Bread hater [ bred ] [hāt - hat·ed, hat·ing, hates]


1. Feel intense or passionate about depriving citizens of the kind of food made with flour, love, deliciousness.
2. Envy, animosity, bitterness, resentment, and contempt. A hater will exhibit either one or all of the aforementioned traits in regards to your right to eat bread as a Coeliac.
3. Massive party pooper.
4. The type of guy who will bake you a cake, not give you any, and then eat it all in front of you. ITS EVERYONES RIGHT Primary: Gluten free food labeling laws are too strict Secondry (Media): Here is good story The final bake! cheers mate Demographics:
•Women and Men
•Aged 18-35
•Full time employment or study
•Independent living situation
•Living with spouse or friends.
•Active social networkers (average 1 hour a day) Psychographics
• Need support for living with Coeliacs disease
• Shy about talking openly about their condition
• Struggle to keep strict coeliac diet.
• Feel limitations in going out and socializing
with others where food is concerned.
Find this frustrating.
• Find it unfair that they have to pay more for
basic food items. Secondary Target Audience
• Will only tackle ‘news worthy’ stories
• Coeliacs is currently an unattractive cause for publication
THINK NOW: Coeliacs disease is a real disadvantage. It puts a large strain on my lifestyle.
THINK THEN: I know how to manage my condition so that it doesn’t limit my lifestyle.

FEEL NOW: Frustrated that it limits my social activities, and puts large financial pressures on me.
FEEL THEN: I feel that Coeliac Australia helps me find ways to work with it.

DO NOW: Work with limited ingredients available and can afford.
DO THEN: Choose the foods I desire, and use my knowledge in food decisions. STRENGTHS:
• Sense of community.
• Cares for the well being of members and lobbies issues on their behalf.
• Knowledge of Coeliacs Australia and what it does is limited.
• Brand benefits are not obvious
• Knowledge of Coeliacs disease, its symptoms and affects on day to day living is low.
• Plenty of undiagnosed Coeliacs sufferers.
• Current Coeliac sufferers who are not members.
• Approximately 1 in 100 Australians are affected by Coeliacs 75% currently remain undiagnosed.
• Coeliacs Australia is fighting for members best interests.
• Coeliacs disease is seen as less important than other similar organizations.
• Media sees coeliacs disease as an unattractive cause to report on.
By raising public awareness of Coeliac Australia and what they can provide for their members and the greater coeliac sufferer public.

To make Coeliacs disease a more newsworthy and ‘glamorous’ target for public attention. Food labeling laws are so strict that even products that have a world standards safe amount of gluten (ppm) are deemed as containing gluten. Thus vastly reducing the amount of products available
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