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Copy of Freak the Mighty WebQuest (Student)

Follow the path of this webquest to explore more about the characters and bullying in the novel Freak the Mighty.

elma chapa

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Freak the Mighty WebQuest (Student)

Freak the


King Arthur
and his knights
Characters and bullying!
Find out about cyberbullying. Max and Freak didn't have to
worry about it, but kids today will deal with it.
Freak and Max talk about the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

In the novel, Kevin is interested in acquiring a bionic body.

Check out the photos of people who have benefited from bionics by visiting the link below.
Follow the steps to learn more!
In the novel, Kevin and Max meet again when Max helps Kevin retrieve his ornithopter from a tree. Answer the following questions:

Check out the link below about ornithopters:
In Freak the Mighty, Kevin has a genetic disease called "Morquio Syndrome." You will research several aspects of this disease.
Check these links:



Meet Bella

Morquio Syndrome
King Arthur and his knights
What is the definition of bionics?
What is the etymology of the word bionics?
Why is bionics so important?
Who does it benefit and how?
What was a knight's most important job? How did one become a knight?

What does the word "chivalry" mean and how was it important to a knight?

What chivalrous action can you perform in the 21st Century? Give examples!
Include any relevant images.
Include websites used.
Explain the basic

Definition of the disease (Explain what it is in YOUR OWN WORDS. Do NOT give a medical definition.
Symptoms (What happens to the body?)
Treatment (How do doctors treat this syndrome?)
Include images and/or videos that are relevant to this topic.
Write a short summary of what you learned about cyberbullying.
*Include examples and true stories you may find (paraphrased).
*include the causes and effects

Include websites you used.
What is an ornithopter?
Who invented it?
How does an ornithopter work?
Include any relevant diagrams, photos, or videos you find.
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