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The Canterbury Tales: The Cook, The Skipper, and The Physician

By Jordan Griffiths and Kayla Posada

Jordan Griffiths

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of The Canterbury Tales: The Cook, The Skipper, and The Physician

The Cook, The Skipper, and The Physician The Canterbury Tales The Cook The Skipper Talented Paranoid The Skipper Corrupt The Physician The Cook Serious about cooking Has Lepore Disease Ulcer on knee Chaucer praises his food Lonely Chaucer says he "stood alone" Tan Chaucer does not like him Immoral and Ruthless Best Sailor around Intelligent Outside on the water all the time Carries a dagger around his neck can navigate the ocean Big, strong, bearded Rich Owns a barge Greedy Not really religious Wealthy Makes deals with apothecaries Fake Has a "love for gold" Does not actually know much about medicine (uses astronomy) The Physician
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