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Sustainable Energy

This is our culminating project for geography, by: Yash, Varinder, Raaghavan, David and Ashvin

yash verma

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Sustainable Energy

These 3d printed solar trees are a very
creative way to help generate electricity without harming the earth as they have the ability to collect energy from the sun, the wind and also heat.
Hydrogen Powered Cars
Uses hydrogen as fuel
Converts the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy by burning it in an internal combustion engine or by making Hydrogen react with oxygen in a fuel cell
Some examples are Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell, Mercedes-Benz B class F-cell and the Honda FCX Clarity

Sustainable Energy
Sugar bio battery
By:Ashvin Kawlewaran,Raaghavan Pushpanathan,David Nguyen,Yash Verma,Varinder Pentlia
Sugar Bio Battery
Current Sources of Sustainable Energy
New Upcoming sources of sustainable energy
Wind as sustainable energy source
Solar Energy
Sugar battery has 10 times the energy storage of convectional lithium battery
Tesla Supercharging stations
Tesla Motors
The Maglev Train
3D Printed Electric Cars (meet the Strati)
Uses 30% less energy than convectional trains
Faster than a bullet train
Quieter than normal train
Water Pipe Turbines
There were electric cars back then but they didnt look very good at all, but Tesla Motors has managed to make their cars eco-friendly and also give their cars a nice sports-car look at the same time.
Uses sunlight to create electricity. (Photovoltaic Cells)
Solar panels are the most commonly used method of solar power, but cost a lot.
Will become common when price is lowered and is more available to consumers.
Releases no carbon
- Cars powered by Hydrogen are a solution to our burning of gasoline and diesel fuels. The exhaust that comes out of the car’s exhaust pipe is water that is cleaner than our city treated water supply. Hydrogen powered cars will also reduce the cost of fuel because the fueling stations for these cars are free.
Biomass( Biopower)
Biological material which can be used as fuel or for industrial production
Includes plants and animals for production of fibres, chemicals or heat.
Includes biodegradable wastes
Converts kinetic energy of water into the electricity

Uses dams to block a river to make a resevoir
Strati, 3D Printed Car
The solution to mass producing cars at a lower cost.
Manufacturing time is 6 hours less than making a conventional car
Thermoplastic much cheaper than metals
800 kilos of Thermoplastic
100% Electricity
Sugar Bio Battery
Uses sugar as fuel.
Cheaper to make than other batteries
Safer for the environment
the bio-battery is also fully biodegradable
Uses artificial enzymes to break down natural sugars
Only water and electricity is produced
Tesla Supercharging Station
Available throughout the country
Absolutely free
Takes around only 22 minutes to recharge
Installed water pipe turbines to harness the kinetic energy of the fast moving water
Company in Portland already started using it
A great idea to save energy because there is fast moving water going through the pipes all the time
Wind pushes a turbine connected to a generator thatonverts kenetic energy to electricity
Clean and reusable
Not used often; takes up space, dangerous, noisy
Sewage Pipe Turbines
3D Printed Solar Energy Trees
they are 3d printed trees that have flexible organic solar cells as leaves
Solar cell leaves, collect electric energy using solar, wind and also heat energy

3D Printed Energy Harvesting Trees
Watch people!
- http://www.alternative-energy-news.info/bigfoot-electric-monster-truck/

Now for our creative element of the home project
Class Question #2 : Upcoming Sources of Sustainable Energy
Why do you think these new sources of sustainable clean energy aren't being used?
Class Question #1
Current Sources of Sustainable Energy
Why are we still using fossil fuels when we know it's harmful outcomes?
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