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popular videos/pics.

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laura dowdy

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of popular videos/pics.

Why are these stupid pics so popular??? It is just girls making their lips bigger!
why is Kylie Jenner lip challenge so viral?
professor says;
OK this might be a boring prezi now,
why are these videos viral?
A. Ask a professional.
Professor says;
How about this one?
Everybody downloads apps. Very popular apps are Vines, Ifunny and Instagram.
Deez Nuts???
Deez nuts? NOT FUNNY!!!! Why even make this stupid video???? (HATERS GONNA HATE)

Popular Videos/Pics
Allison J.
"Kylie Jenner lip challenges?"
haters gonna hate!!!
Why cant teens be normal and not watch stupid videos?
They just have nothing else to do.
Now for some Q. and A.
haters gonna hate
something to say to annoy or frustrate something. one of the most popular listed below.

a.) Sir you can't park there.
b.) nah it's cool i talked to D.
a.) d who?

The Kylie Jenner lip challenge is when you apply pressure to the lips using a container to obtain Kylie Jenners fake lips..
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