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Bike Shop

No description

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Bike Shop

2 part-time employees
mechanic & marketing
Volunteer workforce
located in the "Health and Learning Center"
associated with NAU Outdoors warehouse (too small)...now also a Mobile Bike H.U.B.
NAU Green Fund- $10,000 start-up & sustained
Bike culture supported by partnership with local bike shops offering donations (parts and accessories) to Bike H.U.B. and discounts to students; bike paths on campus; area mountain bike trails
Hindsight: need more space
Grand Valley State University
Bike Shop
Contacting Process
Bike League, Universities in the Midwest, Liberal Arts Schools
Narrowed down by: questionnaire response quality, enrollment size, and category type
Middlebury College
Enrollment: 2,450
Location: Middlebury, Vermont
Contact: bikeshop@middlebury.edu
Type: Drop off Repair, Rental, and Limited Retail
Michigan State University
Enrollment: 49,300 Students
Location: East Lansing, MI
Contact: bikes@msu.edu
Type: Self-service Repair, Drop Off Repair, Rental, and Full Retail
Northern Arizona University
GVSU Bike Shop
Enrollment: 29,703
Portland, OR
Contact: Clint Culpupper E-mail: Clint@pdx.edu
Type: Repair Self Service, Drop-off Repair, Rental, & Limited retail

Portland State University
Two full-time university staffed employees

10 part-time student staff, all of which are overseen by the Director of Transportation.

Retail, service, storage, and office space is a combined 1800 Sq. Ft.
Not enough space

• The shop is located in the Academic and Student Recreation Center building, with store-front, public access.

• The Bike Hub operates within the Transportation and Parking Services Office, which resides under Auxiliary Services under the Finance and Administration Department of the University.
“We would have liked to plan for more space for both storage and retail. We store our fleet of rental bikes, 60+ VikeBikes and 20+ Linus, short-term rental bikes, two blocks away in a storage closet and have to send employees to run down and get bikes when they need to be rented. Additionally, we would like to sell full, complete bikes in the future but have yet to obtain this goal with our current retail space”.

When asked what they would change if they had to start things over from the beginning:
Mostly volunteer based, but have student workers.
MSU has a small space located underneath the Bessey Hall Auditorium
The shop is sustained by donations and volunteers mostly
Nicholas Mortimer
Emily White
Nickolas Wilson
Leah Mushong
Rachelle Mishler
What is sustainability?
University objectives and goals

Why Grand Valley?
Alternative Transportation
Bike Rentals
Educational opportunities

2 student directors, 7 mechanics
Located in the basement of the Career Center
1100 total square feet- good size
Sponsored by the Department of Public safety
Types of Bike Shops
Repair Self Service
Repair Drop Off Service
Limited Retail
Full Retail
Enrollment: 21,774
Location: Flagstaff, AZ
Contact: Emily Macri
Type: Repair Self Service
Grand Valley
Bike Rental

Bike rentals
Established in 2011
Borrow a bike lock program
Borrow a lock for 24 hours
Rental includes:
One refurbished bike
One U-lock
GVSU bike permit
Use of free, self-service compressed air
Enrollment: 24,584
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Contact: bikes@uoregon.edu
Type: Repair self-service
University of Oregon
Currently a do-it-yourself bike shop
New bike center to be opened in 2016
1 full time professional staff member, 1 student coordinator, and 3 student mechanics
Around 1,000 square feet
On-site storage
Off-site storage
Repair shop
Located 5 blocks from the "heart of campus"

Student union program and are part of the Outdoor Program
Found success being part of Outdoor Program
Fun Facts
May is national bike month!

National bike to work week is May 12th-16th

National bike to work day is Friday, May 16th

National bike to school day is Wednesday, May 7th
1. What
university or college
campus do you represent?
2. What is
the function
of your bike shop; is it strictly a repair shop or does it involve retail?
3. How is the
operation and management of the shop sustained
; is there one full-time employee with a volunteer base or are there multiple part-time employees?
4. How much
do you currently operate under? In your opinion, is your amount of space too little, too much, or about the right amount?
5. Where is your
shop located physically
and is the shop associated or sponsored by a department within the university?
, how is the shop sustained? Do you have a “green/sustainability” program that students’ pay into and the funds are then appropriated?
7. Do you
out bicycles to students and professors?
8. How does your university
promote bicycle culture
if at all, on campus?
9. Are there any things that your bike shop would
do differently
if had the chance to restart from the beginning?
10. Any other advice, comments, or thoughts?
Promote bikes as a means for campus transportation
Employ and train student workers
Financially self-sustainable
Bike Shop Proposal
Thank you
for listening
Full transcript