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First Day of School

No description

Mark Ballard

on 22 August 2016

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Transcript of First Day of School

Mr. Ballard
AP Physics 1 and AP Physics C
Dallas, Texas
Who Is Mr. Ballard?
Where Am I From?
Where Did I Graduate From?
What Was My Major?
What is Physics all about?
The Study Of All Living Organism
When you started High school what was your first Science?
The study of the composition and properties of all forms of matter
Why Everything Happens
Who are you?
Applied Common Sense
How molecules are held together
Why certain things react the way they do
Why certain things explode
Take what you already know and fully understand it!
If you teach a man the truth,
he thinks for a moment.
If you teach a man to reason,
he thinks for a lifetime.
The University of Texas in Austin
Bachelors of Science in Chemistry
What Have I Taught?
AP Physics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
I love eating, snowboarding, and playing games
What are my hobbies?
What are you interested in?
What do you do for fun
What did I do over the summer?
Extra Material To Help You Do Well In This Class
Buy An AP Physics Prep Book ASAP
Sign up for
Check out
for extra help in individual subject areas.
Note do not spend more than $10 on any of my projects all year!
Classroom Expectations
What else would you like to know about me?
Went to Austin and Dallas
Respect Others and Their Materials
Don't mess with other peoples belongings including the stuff on my desk.
Be Prepared for Class
Before the bell rings you should have already picked up handouts and should be working on the warm-up.
You May Not Prevent Me For Teaching And Others From Learning
Do Not Have Your Cellphones Out EVER!!!
Try Your Best Everyday
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