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Milton Hershey Timeline

No description

Kayla White

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Milton Hershey Timeline

Milton Hershey Timeline
This is going to be a timeline of Milton Hershey's life and how he started his candy industry.
This is when Milton Hershey was born.This is also the time when his dad would get new jobs all the time so that he would get more money.This is the reason why Milton had to move a lot.
This is when Milton Hershey worked for Joseph Royer at the Lancaster Confectionaryshop.This is where he learned how to make candy.
Chocolate company
Hershey's big plan
He did not just say that he wanted to build his own chocolate company he also wanted to build his own town in Philadelphia.This was very successful for Hershey and he became a really good business man.
This is when Milt Hershey decided to open up his new candy buisiness.So he decided to open up his own shop in Philadelphia.He used his Aunt's money to open up his own shop.
September 1872
Since his own buisness went
well Milton hershey decied to sell his caramel buisness and use all of that money to make chocolate.
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