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Career Camp 2010

a summer camp spotlighting career trends...

Teddi Stewart

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Career Camp 2010

Camp Coordinator
Teddi Stewart
Logistics Team
Margie Luster
Candi Brenner
Mickey Musick

Legal/Law Enforcement & Medical/Forensics
Shawn Taylor
Aisha Taylor

Katherine Craig
Regina Garceaux
Sherrie Mason
Cynthia Williams
Deniell Stowers
Kristi Lynch
Kim Mangrum Culinary & Business
Adam Loucks
Shelia Redmon Jones

Graphic Arts/Web Design/Media
Jeff McGee
Mike McKinney
Jerry Griffin

Veterinary & Environmental Science
Jessica Graham
Judy Haight
Claire Helendag
Eva Doll

Adventure/Future Quest Career Quest College Quest Take 1 Brainstorm with partner(s) Take 2 Lesson plan draft Take 3 Talk to 3 people and get feedback Take 4 Finalize draft
Complete requisiton
Determine building usage Take 5 Share the plan a summer camp to explore career trends... Career Quest 2010 Logistics Team Margie Luster
Mickey Musick
Candi Brenner Camp Coordinator Teddi Stewart
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