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All the Water on Earth

No description

Kate Brinks

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of All the Water on Earth

75 % of the surface of the Earth is water. Without water we could not survive.
Four Characteristics of Water
1. Color
2. Salinity
3. Clarity
4. Taste

Earth's Water
Most of the Earth's water is at the North and South poles in the form of Ice.
Important to Know
The amount of water has stayed the same over eons of years, however the form or state of water is constantly changing.

Water can be found in three states:
- liquid
- solid (ice)
- gas (water vapor)
The Sun
- The sun is the driving force of the Earth's weather.

- The major source of energy which powers the water cycle is the sun.
We Use Our Water from a variety of sources
- Springs
- Streams
- Creeks
- Rivers
- Lakes
- Oceans
Two classification of water
1. Salt Water is found in the oceans.

2. Fresh water is our primary source of drinking water.
All the Water on Earth
The Water Cycle
Water is the lifeblood of organisms. Nutrients are distributed and wastes products are removed.
Ways We Use Water
brush teethe, bathe, wash, cook, drink, swim, surf, ski, snowboard, hydro-power, put out fires.
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