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The Schwa was here

No description

Arianne DeMarco

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of The Schwa was here

The climax is when the unthinkable happens. (sorry can't give it away)
I'll give a hint. Looks like friends really do come and go. Hint Hint.
Falling action
Although the tragic climax happened, things begin to settle down and happen for the better. Everyone is finally finding their place.
Conclusion and Bibliography
The Schwa is becoming less and less visible to the normal human eye and no one knows how to stop it
Main Characters?
The main characters in our book
"The Schwa was here" were Lexie, Mr.Crawley, Antsy, and the one and only,Schwa.

Lexie is a young,smart, blind girl who plays an important role as both Antsy and the Schwa's friend as well as Mr.Crawley's granddaughter. She isn't abnormally tall nor short. Though she is blind she uses the rest of her senses to her best ability.
The Schwa was here
By Neal Shusterman

Prezi by Arianne D.,
Donavan, and John

Basic Situation
The basic situation of the story is that the Schwa doesn't want to disappear. He want to be noticed. Also, the basic situation includes when he and Antsy take the bets but get caught stealing the dog food bowl on his last bet by old man Crawley.
Rising Action
The rising action of the story of the story is the Schwa agrees to do the "Schwa effect". Also the rising action is when one of the "Schwa effect" tests fail and both Antsy and the Schwa were caught and sentenced to 12 weeks of dog walking.
With giving as much information as I can without spoiling, the resolution of the story is the Schwa found what he was looking for. He's happy as well as Antsy and they both found what they were searching for.
Antsy is a young boy looking for trouble. Although he has a warm spot for Lexie, he is very self centered. Antsy is your everyday italian city boy and ready to cause trouble.
Schwa, who's full name is Calvin Schwa, cannot be seen by the normal human eye. He's "invisible".
The Schwa has a big heart and will do anything to be noticed or seen.
Old man Crawley. What a grouch. Mr.Crawley is an elder with grey hair and uses a wheel chair to get to and from. He doesn't get very far in his small apartment filled with many large dogs. Crawley is not only grouchy,but self centered,and greedy.

The setting of "The Schwa was here" is located in
Brooklyn,New York and Mr.Crawley's apartment.
The book doesn't give a
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