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Above & Beyond Metrics: Tell a Story With Reports

Learn how to present Google Analytics metrics in a meaningful and engaging way.

Sarah Kaczmarek

on 24 May 2017

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Transcript of Above & Beyond Metrics: Tell a Story With Reports

Above & Beyond Metrics: Tell a Story With Reports
By Sarah Kaczmarek

Quarterly Report Writing
How many people visited the website?
Unique visitors, visits, and pageviews
Bounce rate
Average pages per visit and page depth
Average time on site and visit duration
Percent new visitors
How engaged were these visitors within the website?
Percent from search, direct, referral, social, and email.
Percent from mobile devices, and types of devices.
Where do these visitors come from?
Home Page?
Other agencies in the top 50 most frequent visitors
Number of visits from primary customer and engagement of primary customer
Which groups came most often to the site?
Frequent Flyers?
Where are users going from the home page?
Navigation from the home page
Key Pages?
Page with most views
Home page views
Primary navigation sections and other key areas of the site pageviews
What pages are users viewing?
Starting Place?
Percent of traffic starting on primary landing page
Percent of traffic staring on the home page
Navigation from the primary landing page
Where do visits begin?
Hot Topics?
Search visitors came looking for...
On site searches primarily for...
What were our users looking for?
More Pageviews to Fewer Pageviews in Rows

Indicates a bounce rate above 50%
External Keyword Search
Internal Site Search
Paste your string here
Answer Key Questions About Your Website
Take Stock of Key Changes and Updates
Propose Recommendations for Site Enhancement
Next Steps
Home Page Updates
Key Issues
Improve Product Summary
Page Design
Increase Visibility on
Social Media
Connect with Sarah online at, on Twitter @StudioSarah, and on LinkedIn.
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Updated Nov. 2013
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