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Learning From Mistakes: A Teacher's and Student's Journey in Edmodo

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nicole uhre

on 10 May 2015

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Transcript of Learning From Mistakes: A Teacher's and Student's Journey in Edmodo

Learning From Mistakes The Question Administrators and Student's Respones ACTION RESEARCH QUESTION: If I have students turn in assignments through Edmodo and require them to resubmit an assignment after giving feedback, will this result in more student participation and better learning outcomes as they learn from mistakes? Pre-Survey Results Notifications Feature: This could help students remember if there was a late assignment and see if there were any assignment comments that I had responded to. Hopefully helping reduce zeros and for students to really look at meanful comments and feedback. Features of Edmodo to the Rescue Assignments in Edmodo The Plan Mr. conroy and Ms. Kanta A Teacher's and Student's Journey in Edmodo Observed issue I have been noticing that students in my class either have a high passing grade (A's and B's) or students have low F's. I see this because of missing assignments As I grade assignments I wonder how to give meaningful feedback in a way that students will actually take the time to read and learn from the feedback, how can they learn from their mistakes. Looking at the results of the survey it seemed like forgetting to do homework was a major issue, that students did seem to at least look at what they got wrong on assignments, and that the best way to have students learn from their mistakes was to have students redo the assignment before putting it in the grade book. Turning In Assignments online: By turning in assignments online they can access them anywhere (hopefully reducing forgetting the assignment or the requirements). Also I can type comments much quicker then writing them on paper and if there is more then one student making the same mistake I can copy and paste comments for quicker grading http://www.edmodo.com/post/119312146 http://www.edmodo.com/post/121092864 Solar oven plan, calcualtions, and redesign (future) As students turn in assignments, I will give feedback on the assignments and if something needs to changed (if they need to learn from a mistake) I will not grade that assinment, they must make corrections from my comments and resubmit the assignment. Then I can re-grade assignments. My lessons learned It did take a little while to figure out exactly how I wanted students to resubmit/learn from the comments I had posted on each assignment. I learned the hardway that grading assignments first did not lend to an easy way for students to redo the assignment. I would have them reply to my posts, but it was cumbersome knowing how to grade that.

Although I was optimistic about getting computers, that was harder then anticipated and taking the time in class do to corrections was a little burdensome (which I had to do since many students do not have access to a computer or mobile device). I know it's worth it in the end though.

Although I thought that students were familiar with turning in assigments, I made the mistake of teaching science material and turning in a word document together in one lesson. I know that I need to first teach the technical aspect with something easy, and then teach the science content.

Also I learned many lessons on formatting documents and having students turn in answers with that documentation. With lots of pictures and formatting crises I think it might be best to have them just type in their answers in the assignment "type response here box" for formatting purposes. Student's Responses Jojo: He didn't like trying to show physics problems in ms word and turning in assignments that way. But he did like seeing his quiz scores instantly and responding to assignment comments Izzabelle: She didn't like do the assignments in Edmodo at all because she liked being able "to see and hold the assignment." Hailey: She liked the notifications and being able to have access to her assignment online if she forgot it at school. Both thought there was tons of potential in Edmodo! Moving on: After the feed back thus far from students and administrators, I know I will continue turning in assignments in Edmodo to give better feedback to students so they can learn from their mistakes more. I think I will always have to have a paper version accessible for students who still just need to have something tangible to hold. After this unit I will give another survey monkey asking if Edmodo helped with 1. due dates, 2. redoing assignments to learn from mistakes, 3. and helping with organization skills. Mr. Conroy and Mrs. Kanta's Responses (administrators) Asked about the amount of time it has taken to learn the system.
What are the good points and bad points.
Do you see other teachers using it?
They were also thinking it would be helpful with core planning time (since the core teachers don't have similiar planning times.
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