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DOS Summer Research Presentation

No description

Natalie Douglas

on 13 November 2017

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Transcript of DOS Summer Research Presentation

Who am I?
Why am I here?
Past Studies, Selected Case Studies, and Recommendations
by natalie douglas
Deliverable 1:
summarize past transportation studies in Squamish
Deliverable 2:
prominent concepts from case studies and planning literature
Deliverable 3:
a set of recommendations
Deliverable 4:
a presentation to the Squamish Transit Committee
Growth Management Strategy
Smart Growth on the Ground Concept Plan
Downtown Neighbourhood Plan
Transit Business Plan
Official District of Squamish Community Plan
Downtown Squamish 2031 Transport Plan
Transportation Options for the Squamish-Metro Vancouver Corridor
Squamish Community Energy Plan: The Transportation Hub
2031 District Wide Multi-Modal Transportation Study
Upper Mamquam Blind Channel (UMBC): Land Use Study and Policy Statement
Squamish Transit: Service Effectiveness Review
Transportation Action Plan
squamish transportation studies
transportation case studies
Deliverable 2
Deliverable 1
Presentation to the DOS Transit Committee Meeting
October 6th 2014
20 min allocated
We're lucky to be able to travel around in such a beautiful home so...

let's make it the best it can be.
in Squamish
1. Maximize benefits of existing resources and infrastructure
6. Challenge assumption and experiment cautiously
5. Collect information, specifically data from within Squamish and experience from outside Squamish
4. Continue building the system incrementally
3. Minimize greenhouse gas emissions
2. Improve connectivity with and between modes of transportation
1. Develop a clear vision
2. Deploy Bio diesel
3. Work with Quest University
4. Crunch the numbers about
free transit
5. Collect Data
6. Employer Outreach
7. Continue system-wide
8. Brand and market the
transportation system
9. Transit hubs
10. Install a fast charging station
11. Establish recreational services
12. Connect to Regional transit
13. Collaborate with local school
14. Modify bus routes
15. Extend the Sea-to-Sky
Connector Trail
Transportation Hubs

Recreational Transit
Employer Outreach
Express Routes
NYC Open Data
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