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Science Journal

My 9th grade science journal

Harryson Thompson

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Science Journal

Earth Science Journal Term 1 Study of the Natural world What is Science Observations systematic objective Based on evidence Who Can Do Science? What are the two types of Science? Experiment Investigation Did Work Didn't Work Control Dumbo Mouse Tentative: Fact:Things are the way they are Theory: Hypothesized or indirect
evidence that says something happens Law: An actual proven fact Evidence: Proof that something acts or reacts in a way Scientific Process: the process one would use to complete a science experiment Terms Observations: Things you can see Inference: Something one infers Short Story I could see it, loudly moving through my bed. It was jumping, oh the horrible jumping, I had to get it away, but it didn't want to.

All I knew was it was here and it shouldn't be. I put on my best scary face and approached it. It made a very high pitched squeal which made me even more angry. I thrashed out, trying to push it away. It still didn't want to leave.

I lunged with all my strength, but i was hit over the head. All I know is my head is probably in one of those shops, I'm probably next to my uncle Joey, who's been there since 92. Observation Experiment Presentation Science A study of the natural world Branches of science The different areas of study, Earth, Life and Physical science Science Inquiry A process that uses a set of skills to answer a question Scientific theory An explanation based on evidence or observation Scientific Law A rule that describes a pattern in nature What to include in a graph
chart title
axis title
independent variable
dependent variable
proper scale for data
even increments axis scale How hungry am I through the day 8:00 10:00 12:00 2:00 4:00 6:00 Not at all Very hungry Just a bit Ya, I guess I'm GONNA DIE! "grrrrrr" It hurts Time Hungryness Make a Question - Based on observation Wavelength: the distance from one crest or trough to the other Amplitude: The height of the wave How does energy input effect wavelength: How does motion effect wavelength: PART 1 - SLINKY

Describe and possibly draw the wave demonstrated by the teacher and label the wavelength, crest and trough.

Precisely describe each way found to change the wavelength of a wave and the effect it had on the wavelength.

Define what frequency is.

How did you change the frequency of the wave?


Draw and list 5 observations of the waves in tank when source is stationary, and has a constant frequency.

Based on you slinky experience, predict what will happen to the waves if you move the dropper along the tray while keeping a constant frequency of drops.

Draw and list 5 observations of the waves in tank when source is moving and has a constant frequency.

PART 3 - What is the Doppler Effect
Summarize what the Doppler Effect is.

Give three examples of the Doppler Effect in everyday life. Fusion: something and something else bonding together chemically
Hydrogen: the simplest of all the elements
Gravity: the force that pulls everything together
Atom: Nebula is where stars are born. I think pluto shouldn't be a planet. Pluto is to small, and to different to be a planet. It was discovered that it was just a small part of a huge group of things that are all about the same size, some a little smaller, some a little bigger.

Pluto How do we measure properties of planets interior?
What are the wave types that travel through the body of the planet?Seismic

What energy sources are working inside the planet?
What processes in the interior of the planet affect the surface?
What is an earthquake and what does it release?
What is a tectonic plate?
What are the three types of plate boundaries? 1.1: If water or grass cools faster
No difference
1.2: If rock or shrubs gain and lose heat better
rock gained and lost quicker
1.3: Weather sand or water heated and cooled quicker
sand won
1.4: what color of rock heated up faster
1.5: us
1.6: Does the type of earth material determine how fast is will absorb heat and lose heat
Sand was better at conducting and expelling heat
1.7: Does the type of earth material determine how fast is will absorb heat and lose heat
water cooled faster
1.8: Will water or gravel gain/lose heat faster
gravel gained/lost heat faster
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