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polar bear shot by newfoundland rcmp on fogo island

No description

fernando Molina

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of polar bear shot by newfoundland rcmp on fogo island

my question
why this relates to civics
in order to see the connection to civics we first have to look at the root of the problem. global warming is melting ice caps so polar bears are being left with no homes. this pushes polar bears to swim more and look for any land to stand on. now lets dig deeper in to the root of this problem. big companies have factories that put out so much smog. you would think by now that goverments around the world would put in laws to help but they havent.
this shows what us as a race really care about. we had this beautiful earth and we are destroying it with all the bad things we do, and the worst is that we do all this for money. this event affects not only the polar bears but also the people who live close to water because now they have to look out. i think the news report was very bias to humans because it was a polar bear that was killed not a human.
if you were the officer would u have shot the bear?
also a note to leave off at: if a man was shot and killed instead of a bear why would there be so much more media coverage?
Monday, May 2nd, 2016
cbc news
Fogo island is an island off the coast of newfoundland.
it is a small fishing community and has a small population of 2395.
polar bears are not common on the island
a polar bear was fast approaching the island full of people.
it was first reported swimming around the island harbour
cpl.shaun coady was called to the scene.
usually in this situation they try to scare the bear back into the water
in this case the bear did not retreat
the officer shot some warning shots but the bear still advanced
the bear was coming very close to the town
the report states that the bear was attracted to the seal pelts near by
the officer had no choice but to shoot the bear
Polar bear shot by Newfoundland Rcmp on Fogo island
story behind the scene
"Definitely a first, and hopefully a last,"
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