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Archimedes Screw Inquiry & Interactive Learning Lesson

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Malana Bloom

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of Archimedes Screw Inquiry & Interactive Learning Lesson

Archimedes' Screw
Inquiry Based Questions
Lesson Objectives
In modern days sewage treatment systems use the screws to drain containers of sewage and transport them into treatment tanks.
Learning Team C
Inquiry and Interactive

Dr. Sylvia Hill

Learning in Science
Archimedes' Screw, a machine for raising water. Allegedly it was invented by Greek scientist Archimedes to remove water from the hold of a ship. One form includes a circular pipe encircling a helix and inclined at a 45 degree angle. Its' lower end rests in water and rotates to make water rise in t the pipe. (Archimedes' Screw, 2015)
Archimedes' Screw's Today
Video of Modern
Archimedean Hydro Screw
Inquiry and Interactive Learning in Science is proven
to be effective methods to teaching. Inquiry Based Learning or IBL provides central questions for students to solve with teacher guidance. Interactive learning addresses the need for students to be actively involved and to strengthen observation, technological, listening, communication, and interpersonal skills for science disciplines. This is a presentation of an inquiry and interactive learning science lesson for third grade on Archimedes' Screw.
Students will be able to identify simple machines.

Students will be able to construct a Archimedes Screw and learn its' function.
Introduction to Lesson
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