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A bit, a little, much, far, a lot

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Michael Brothwood

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of A bit, a little, much, far, a lot

With comparatives We can't use 'very' with comparatives but we can use 'much', 'far' or 'a lot':

Cheetahs are much / far / a lot faster than elephants

NOT- Cheetahs are very faster than elephants A small difference We can use 'a bit' or 'a little' to describe a small difference:

Canada is a bit / a little bigger than the USA (Not) as....as.... We use 'as' + adjective + 'as' to say two things are the same in some way:

Tara is as tall as Hannah = Tara is the same height as Hannah. (Not) as ... as.... We use 'not as' + adjective + 'as' to say that one thing is less than another:

Hannah is not as tall as her brother = Hannah is shorter than her brother. (Not) as ... as.... We can use 'so' in negative sentences to replace the first 'as':

Hannah is not so tall as her brother A bit, a little, much, far, a lot
(Not) as...as... * Remember: the form of the adjective does not change:

(not) as taller as- incorrect
(not) as tall as- correct Elephant Tiger Tiger Lion Fast, big Dangerous, fast Examples
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