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My personal Brand Presentation

Professional Communication and Experience

Diarra Sow

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of My personal Brand Presentation

Soaring with my strengths

Mame Diarra Sow
Today's Discussion
My Personal Brand
Personal Statements
Stand out with my skills

Personal Brand
Mame Diarra B. SOW

Past Experience
Past teachers/ Advisors
My family
My friends
The johari Window
Online Test : 15 Personalities
International studies student at Glendon College, York University with a background in Political Science from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, PA

How did I Answer?
The Process!

1. Mission Statement

.Multiculture Sensitive
Fast Learner .
Driven/Motivated . Open minded
Caring . Outside the Box Thinker
Observant . Straightforward

SMART Formula
1. Summer Intership
2. Big Tour of Senegal
3. Involvement in
4. Professional
5. Graduate Studies

My mission statement is to become a member of an international organization as a diplomat or a foreign officer. I will use my strengths and skills to help my country become more present in the international system through foreign policy. I want to make an impact on Senegalese international policy.

My vision statement is to keep challenging myself and the people around me by staying true to my values. I will leave room to learn and gain experience from my day to day life by keeping my mind open. By the time I am done with my career I want to create a pathway that will give Senegal some international recognition.
Self Confidence
1. What are your advices for me?
2. In what positions do you see me doing in the future?
Where I see Myself?
1. UN Officer
2. Foreign Affairs Officer
3. Diplomat
4. Ambassador
5. ONG Worker
6. Political Consultant
7. HR Advocate
Tapping into my values
- √Family
- Hope
- Equality
- Diversity
- Honesty
- Challenge

Communication skills
Pro active
1. IB
3. BSU
4. Academic
5. Travels
6. Transfer
2. Vision Statement
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