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Road to Doctor


Incarnation Catholic

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of Road to Doctor

Why I want to be a Doctor.
I want to become a doctor because I think it is an interesting job. That I will enjoy.

What does a Doctor do?
A doctor can prescribe medicine, perform operations and surgeries.
High School Classes.
To become a doctor you need to have
pre-medicine studies, and courses in math and science.
Skills Needed.
To be a doctor you have to have knowledge about the human body.
Road to Doctor
Step by Step
Possible Colleges/University
A possible college/university is University of Colorado Springs and Regis University.

What is a vocation, how is a doctor a vocation.
A vocation is a calling from God, he can call you to a religious life or nonreligious life. A doctor is a good vocation because he helps others.
Hobbies and activities I like to do.
I like to play tennis as an activity, I plan to play as I grow up.
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