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ECVET Mobility Toolkit (NetECVET-project)

Plenary presentation during the European Commission conference "National Implementation of ECVET: Challenges and solutions", 24-25 October 2013, Brussels

Mika Saarinen

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of ECVET Mobility Toolkit (NetECVET-project)

ECVET Mobility Toolkit
National context
What does it contain?
The ECVET Mobility Toolkit provides:
ready-to-use tools and checklists
templates for documents
examples of how to use these in practice
learning outcomes "database"
introduction and background on ECVET
What is it not?
Not a solution for all ECVET-related issues -
mobility only

Not a generic mobility tool -
ECVET only

Not a ready-made European-level model -
incentive and help for local development

Not country specific -
examples and cases are national
Where to start?
Most mobility promoters already do
Added value
Common frame of reference on ECVET mobility for all European actors

Builds on what is already available
Ready-to-use checklists and tools
Fits different user profiles - beginners to advanced
Practical approach
Understanding ECVET principles along with the tools
Case-study materials, videos and examples
Competent bodies
Other authorities, chambers or regions
Team of ECVET Experts
Begin with current mobility practices
International context
Partner schools
Host companies
Foreign competent bodies
VET providers
Teachers and trainers
Mobility coordinators
Project promoters
International officers
National Agencies
Support the mobility coordinators and projects
ECVET as an approach helps to improve the quality of VET mobility
Who is it for?
What to do now?
Market and share

Promote and train

Contribute and participate
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