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Setting, Mood, and Plot

No description

Christine Proctor

on 15 November 2015

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Transcript of Setting, Mood, and Plot

Setting, Mood, and Plot
The 5 Stages
Rising Action
Falling Action
What are they, and how do they relate?
The overall feeling, or atmosphere, of a story.
Positive or Negative Adjectives

silly curious worried nervous
scared serious broken-hearted
reserved joyful confused mad
shy anxious annoyed happy
calm relaxed spacey lonely
in which
a story takes place.
Established by
the author's choices of:

words & phrases


rhetorical & literary devices


physical location

Calendar Date
(month, day, year, season)
Clock Time
General v. Specific

focuses on the whole story

focuses on a particular chapter or scene

Once upon a time, Rabbit met Turtle in the forest and challenged him to a race. Rabbit bragged, "I'm the faster animal in the forest. I'll beat you by a mile."

General Specific

On the morning of the big race, Rabbit was at the starting line long before Turtle crawled up. As he waited for Turtle, Rabbit began bragging to the other animals.

General Specific
context clues
to infer the setting
words of time & place
descriptions of objects
descriptions of characters
descriptions of events
dialogue (dialect)

(find details to infer the setting)

"Come here, Smoky," I coaxed, scanning the area in front of me. A soft meow came from the far corner. I strained my eyes in the faint light, hoping to see movement. All I could see was tattered furniture and crumpled, torn trash bags.

I looked up at the twinkling stars and wished the sun would come up soon.

(find details to infer the setting)

Anne stared through the glass at the intense colors of the newly blooming flowers and green budding trees.

"Anne, we still have ten minutes. Focus," Mrs. Law said before launching into another equation. Ten minutes seemed like an eternity. Anne waited impatiently for the last bell to ring so she could race home.
(describe the mood)

The ocean water glided over the smooth sand, swallowed my feet, and then descended back into the waiting sea. The rhythmic sound of the waves eased every troubling thought out of my head. I leaned back and let the warm sunlight and gentle breeze wash over me.
(describe the mood)

Stuart and his family sat glued to their seats in anxious anticipation. They could hardle believe that Anna had been chosen to be a contestant on a reality show! Anna had made it to the final elimination. Would she win? Stuart nervously tapped his foot. "Shhh, everybody!" his father urged. "The show's about to start." The room fell quiet as everyone eyed the TV.
(describe the changing mood)

Rose lived in a magnificent castle high in the mountains. This morning, she decided to take a stroll through the sunny countryside. As she sauntered on the path, she marveled at the beautiful landscape. When she turned back toward home, she noticed smoke rising above the trees in the distance. Immediately, Rose's hands became clammy and her heart dropped in her chest as worry consumed her.

(notice how setting changes mood)

Grida stumbled as he trudged wearily around the side of the gray mountain. The rain pounded him like thick, icy nails. As he looked up, the sight in front of him twisted his stomach into a knot. His heart pounded like a hammer in his chest: Dagon's castle!

Which detail creates a romantic mood?

As he entered the apartment, Dwayne shook the snow from his coat. Although the apartment was dark, the sound of soft, smooth jazz music drifted soothingly to his ears from an old, beat-up stereo. Just then, a smile spread across his face.
Types of Conflicts:

man v. self
man v. man
man v. society
man v. nature

When the main character makes a major decision or discovery, related to the conflict.
Chronological Order


Pay Attention To:

times, dates, & numbers

signal words & phrases
Examples of
Signal Words & Phrases
first second next then
later after during
finally while before

(locate the signal words)

Once coach Walker made Jared team captain, Jared's twin brother, Jake, began making things tough for the team. At first it was little things - Jake would show up a little late to practice. Eventually, he was arguing constantly with Jared during practice. Finally, during a game against their biggest rivals, Jake refused to pass Jared the ball. Coach took them out of the game, but it was too late - the team lost. After that night, Jake apologized and began to be a team player again.
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