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Percy Jackson

No description

Zander Bush

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Percy Jackson

Chapter 5 Chiron the Centaur In both the myth and the book, Chiron is a wise and intelligent centaur. Both show Chiron as a fantastic healer. They both depict him as a teacher of heroes. The book has Chiron in a wheelchair looking for half-bloods. In the myth Chiron is always in centaur form. Percy Jackson and the Olympians:
The Lightning Thief. By Rick Riordan
Double Bubble The book never mentions if
Chiron has children. The myth mentions Chiron's three daughters
and his one son. In the myth Chiron marries the nymph Chariclo. The book leaves out that he has a wife. The book has Chiron as half-man half-horse and so does the myth. Both stories have Chiron as an amazing archer. In the book Chiron is located at Half-Blood Hill in New York. The myth says that Chiron is associated with Mount Pelion in Greece. The book never mentions Chiron's death. Myths say that Chiron gave his immortality to Prometheus. Zander Bush
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