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business plan

No description

Joyce Lanto

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of business plan

Mallow World Business Plan The desired ends of this study are the following:

• To be able to determine if the strategies used are effective and efficient enough to the continuous operation of the business

• To know if the business has still share in the market

• To be able to evaluate if the business could provide sufficient products and services and could reach the expected needs and wants of the consumers

• To use this as future reference to be a guide for a succeeding business plan OBJECTIVES of the Study Definition of terms
Althaea officinalis (marshmallow, marsh mallow, or common marshmallow) is a species indigenous to Africa, which is used as a medicinal plant and ornamental plant. A confection made from the root since ancient Egyptian time evolved into today's marshmallow treat. Dip is a tasty mixture or liquid into which bite-sized foods are dipped. Gantt chart illustrates the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project. Minnow is an organization that is not important and has little influence or power MARKETING PLAN OBJECTIVES To alleviate the risks involved in the field of selling and promoting the product To promote its offered products as well as the business as a whole To know what are the needed improvements in terms of the aspect of marketing To increase the profitability of the entity by using different marketing strategies To introduce the product to those who are not yet familiar with the product and further endorse it to those who already know the product The Products Mallow Dip Pancake Mallow Cupcake Mallow Cookie Mallow Channel Analysis MALLOW
WORLD CUSTOMERS Target Market the residents of Mataas na Lupa especially the individual having an age ranging from six years old and above. The students of De La Salle Lipa is also a part of the target market. the people who are conducting parties. such as birthday party, christening, wedding and anniversaries. Market Situation Number of Respondents who wants to eat Marshmallows Year Demand

2013 12,808 Projected Demand

2014 2015 2016

13,448 14,120 14,826 Supply

Suppliers 2013

7 eleven 3,380

Sari sari store outside DLSL 1,820

Store inside DLSL 2,340

Total 7,540 Projected Supply

2014 2015 2016

7,917 8,313 8,729 Market Gap

Demand 12,808

Less: Supply 7,540

Market Gap 5,268 Market Share

Demand 12,808

Production of the Mallow World 2,000

Market Share 15.62% Sales per day
Product Quantity Price Sales

Mallow Dip 1000 5 5000

Pancake Mallow 250 10 2500

Cookie Mallow 250 10 2500

Cupcake Mallow 500 10 5000

Total 2000 15,000 Projected Sales

Products 2014 2015 2016

Mallow Dip 1,300,000 1,365,000 1,433,250

Pancake Mallow 600,000 630,000 661,500

Cookie Mallow 600,000 630,000 661,500

Cupcake Mallow 1,300,000 1,365,000 1,365,000

Total 3,900,000 4,095,000 4,299,750 Product Strategies brand name product quality logo packaging and label tag line Mallow Loco “Mallow loko ka sa sarap!!!”. PRICES Price Strategies Production Expense of Mallow Dip (120 pcs)

Ingredients Cost

Marshmallow (1pack) Php 95.00

Melted Chocolate chips (1kg) Php 190.00

Sprinkles (1/2 kg) Php 90.00

Crushed Graham (150 g) Php 20.00

Total Php 395.00 Production cost for Cookie Mallow (20 pcs)

Ingredients Cost

Small sized- Marshmallow (1/8kg) Php 24.00

Chocolate Chips (1/8 kg) Php 47.50

Cookies (20 pcs.) Php 54.00

Sprinkles (1/16kg) Php 12.00

Graham (50 g) Php 6.00

Total Php 143.50 Production cost for Pancake Mallow (20 pcs)

Ingredients Cost

Small sized Marshmallow (1/8 kg) Php 23.75

Lemon Square Pancake (20pcs) Php 58.00

Chocolate chips (1/8 kg) Php 47.50

Sprinkles (1/16 kg) Php 12.00

Graham (50 g) Php 6.00

Total Php 147.25 Production cost for Cupcake Mallow (30 pcs)

Ingredients Cost

Small-sized Marshmallow (1/4 pack) Php 47.50

Mini Keyk Cupcake (30 pcs) Php 59.00

Chocolate chips (1/4kg) Php 47.50

Sprinkles (1/6kg) Php 47.50

Graham (100 g) Php 12.00

Total Php213.50 Place Strategies
The business will be located in Mataas na Lupa,Lipa City near De La Salle Lipa in MVL Building. Promotions Strategies TECHNICAL PLAN to determine the procedural steps to be taken in creating the product to know the needed materials, skills and allotted time to be used in the production to estimate the time needed and possible cost to be incurred in the process of production to lessen the cost in mistakes through analyzation of the steps to be followed Production Schedule ORGANIZATIONAL PLAN Objectives
Listed below are the desired goals of the organizational plan.
to be able to determine what type of business ownership does the business has
to disseminate what are the respective position of each of the member of the group in relation to the organizational structure of the business
to enumerate what are the skills and abilities needed to be able to qualify for an organizational position in the company of Mallow World
to be familiar with the organization’s policies and to conform with its legal requirements MANAGER Cashier ProductionPersonel Man Power Requirements

Man Power Requirements includes the job description
job specification as well as the compensation of the employees.

Job Specifications
• Store Manager

 Must be a graduate of a four-year Management course

 At least three (3) years of experience

 25-35 years of age

 Experienced supervising and managing in the food industry

• Cashier

 At least high school graduate

 Experienced working as a store or boutique cashier

 Have knowledge in customers’ service

 Pleasing personality

 Has sufficient knowledge on basic accounting

 Has good mathematical skills
 Good in communication skills
 18-25 years of age

Job Descriptions

• Store Manager

 Manage the daily operation of the business

 Responsible for managing the overall function of the store

• Cashier

 Compute and record total transactions

 Maintain financial records of the business

 Balances cash drawer and receipts; documents and discrepancies

• Production Helpers

 Responsible on the whole production process of the Mallow World

 Maintain cleanliness and orderliness on the working area
• Production Helpers

 At least high school graduate

 18-25 years of age

 Pleasing personality

 Proper sanitation FINANCIAL PLAN To determine capital requirements To establish the business’ capital structure • To frame financial policies with regards to cash control, lending, borrowings, etc. To ensure that the scarce financial resources are maximally utilized in the best possible manner at least cost in order to get maximum returns on investment. Source of
Financing Mallow World
Monthly Income Statement

Sales Php 325,000
Less Cost of Goods sold 160,039
Gross profit 164,961
Less Operating Expense
Selling 36,671
Administrative 20,644
Total Operating Expense 57,315
Net Income Php 107,646 Cost of Goods Sold
Direct materialsPhp 158,356
Indirect Materials 1,683
Total Php 160,039

Note 2- Selling Expenses
Salaries ExpensePhp 28,059
Advertising Expense 1,550
Rent Expense 5,000
Light and water 750
SSS Premium expense 1000
Philhealth Premium Expense 312.50
Total Php 36,671

Administrative Expense
Officer’s salaries ExpensePhp 14,219
Rent 5,000
Light and water 750
SSS Premium Expense 500
Philhealth Premium expense 175
Total Php 20,644 CONCLUSION
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