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The History of Peterbilt trucks

No description

Riley Rubner

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of The History of Peterbilt trucks

the inventor of peterbilt
What happened next
Peterman started re building broken army trucks, improving the technology with each successive vehicle. Then he put a battery on the starter. Then he purchased the asset of fageol motors to supplement his needs for logging truck chassis. his first truck was chain drive and produced in 1938.
the first truck
Where it went from there
From 1958 till 1980
in 1958 peterbilt aquired peterbilt motors
in 1952 they produced the first cabover
in 1960 they moved to a new facility and became a division of parent firm
in the late 1960's a second facility was made
in 1975 8428 new trucks were produced
in 1980 a third facility was built
Petermans early life
Al took over his father's business at the age of 27 because his father had died. The business was a small sash and door plant. When Al took over the plant, he had the benefit of a youthful training from his dad. Al stayed with the plant off and on for a couple years. He the later tried a bunch of different jobs. He then bought some logs for his dads mill and actually got some profit from it.
Death of the creator
Theodore Alfred Peterman died of cancer 6 years after he started selling his trucks. after he died his wife Ida Peterman sold the business to several individuals. they expanded the company into a major producer of heavy-duty trucks.
The company was then sold to Paccar in 1958. Paccar is the third largest manufacturing company for heavy-duty trucks in the world. Paccar also aquired the assets of kenworth which is one of peterbilts biggest rivals.
The Future for Peterbilt
I think Peterbilts in ten years will be the same but the models might change or they might run on electricity. They might have bigger sleepers too, and have bigger and better motors. They might have more axels and be able to haul more loads. They also might be bigger.
The inventor Theodore Alfred Peterman loved trucks. He was born on march 22 of 1893. Theodore was a man who owned a lumber yard. Peterman found it difficult to get lumber from the forest to the yard safely and quickly and he came up with the idea of having a vehicle haul wood. This was very important for people that hauled logs or transported food.
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