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Upside down in the middle of nowhere

No description

Laura Cody

on 8 March 2015

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Transcript of Upside down in the middle of nowhere

Upside down in the middle of nowhere
By: Julie T. Lamana
Katie Teel
Prezi by:

Armani, Georgie, Sealy, Khalya, Kheelin, Meemaw, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis, TayTay, Danisha, Uncle T- Bone, Mrs. Shug Buggar, and Cricket the dog. All of the Characters live in the lower ninth wards in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Armani Curtis is excited about one thing, her tenth birthday. Everyone's coming too. She notices that her Meemaw won't take her eyes off of the T.V. because of some storm. What Armani doesn't know is that it's just not some storm. The storm turns out to be hurricane Katrina. Now Armani feels like everything is going downhill, they have to cancel her party, so now only a few family members can come. Her party turns out to
be great though, she gets a puppy, and her
favorite cousin Taytay comes!
Armani starts to feel like maybe this day won't be so bad after all. Well that feeling won't last long. Everything is about to change, and fast. The hurricane strikes and everybody has to leave the party to find shelter. There is no time for Armani and her family to evacuate New Orleans so they have to stay in their home, which means big trouble. They think the storm is over and it was just a false alarm. They are really wrong.
The storm hits hard and their house starts
to flood so they have to go to their
Summary Continued
The storm and the struggle becomes to hard for some people to handle. The question is who? The water gets extremely high and now have to go to the roof. Stuff just gets worse from there, more people die and really bad things happen. Who dies? Who survives? What happens to Armani and what's left of her family? Where do they go? Read Upside Down In The Middle Of Nowhere by Julie T. Lamana to find out.
Summary Continued
I would recommend this book boys and girls grades third through seventh.
" The story is told perfectly and makes you love the characters even more with every page."
- Samuel

" My 10 year old read this book and loved it."
- Lisa Burd

" The family connection is strong with love even while exploring sibling dislike and alcoholic relatives."
Upside down in the middle of nowhere
sad, teaching, cliff hanger, touching, and happy.
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