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Unit 6: Hunger Motivation

No description

Tara Storm

on 18 December 2018

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Transcript of Unit 6: Hunger Motivation

Page 57: Hunger Motivation
Page 58: Hunger Disorders
Table of Contents
Unit 6: Hunger Motivation
Hunger: What is it?
The Biology of Hunger
Warm UP:
Got Motivation? Worksheet!
How is hunger a form of motivation?
Eating Disorders
Tomorrow: Sex
Activity in the
ventromedial hypothalamus

depresses hunger
. Stimulate the area, and an animal will stop eating; destroy it and the animal' stomach and intestines will process food more rapidly, causing it to become very fat.
Hunger triggering hormone secreted by hypothalamus
Secreted by the stomach, sends out "I'm full" signals to the brain
Secreted by empty stomach, sends "I'm hungry" signals to the brain
Secreted by the pancreas to control blood glucose
Digestive tract hormone sends out "I'm not hungry" signals to the brain
Secreted by fat cell, causes brain to increase metabolism and decrease hunger when abundant
Situation also controls our hunger. Portion size differs throughout most countries in the world.
1. Read briefly about eating disorders.
2. Annotate as you read.
3. Answer the guided reading questions.
2. Read, annotate, and fill in the T-Chart.
3. I will check it Friday!
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