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EU 209: DIY Marketing - Spring 2014 - Intermediate: Promoting Your Business through Social Media - Ed Mayuga - AMM Communications

Enterprise University Course 209 - Spring 2014 For business owners that have already created a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and are looking for additional tools to expand their marketing strategies, this class will explore more ways..

Ed Mayuga

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of EU 209: DIY Marketing - Spring 2014 - Intermediate: Promoting Your Business through Social Media - Ed Mayuga - AMM Communications

DIY Marketing - Intermediate: Promoting Your
Business through Social Media

Enterprise University Course 209 - Spring 2014
Overview of Today's Course
LinkedIn Advanced - Pulse
BREAK (15 Minutes)
Ed Mayuga - Partner, AMM Communications
The Twitter hashtag for today is #EBTU
Hootsuite: Social Media in 15 minutes a day
Where do you find content?
Feedly, an RSS Reader
LinkedIn Advanced - Pulse
Facebook - Get Notifications
Twitter - Ideas for Tweeting
about Your Brand
Another Hub:
Flavors.me as a personal, basic website
Introducing SlideBatch, batching and sharing content!
Hootsuite: Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day
In Conclusion, Let's Review What We Covered Today...
This presentation is available here: http://ammcommunications.com/prezi/
This presentation is available here: http://ammcommunications.com/prezi/
Thank You! Time for Q&A
Ed Mayuga - Partner, AMM Communications
Public Relations Marketing & Training of St. Louis, Missouri
e-mail: ed@ammcommunications.com
(314) 485-9810

Why? An online platform, IOS app, that can be easily embedded, shared and linked...
When? I log into http://prezi.com I can access all of my presentations...
How? It's easy to use http://prezi.com
What? Create a story about you, your company, new product/service etc.
Who? Create Prezis for your potential clients, current customers, employers etc.
Why? LinkedIn Pulse is on your home feed, providing "The news and insights you need to know!"
When? Add LinkedIn to your browser tabs so that you can read Pulse first thing in the morning, as well as your InMail.
Who do you share this with? Your network, your group, or a specific LinkedIn member. Or, you can bookmark it externally and add it to a SlideBatch!
What to share? Create a "theme" that will reinforce your "story". I like entrepreneurship and communications topics.
The "Spokes":
Why? If you are Business to Consumer (B2C)
When? If you are promoting some event or give your customers the "warm fuzzy" feeling
Who? Identify your target market - Can you engage them with emotion?
How to Use Twitter...
Get to Know the Hashtag - #
Follow the hashtag in advance of the chat, so that you can get to know who is coming. Remember my Hootsuite Stream for #ebtu?
Tweet with the hashtag in advance. Let everyone know you will be attending.
During the chat, set up a Hootsuite stream column with the hashtag.
i) Before you can use RSS, you will need some way to view the RSS feeds. This capability may be built into your Web browser (if you have installed one of the latest browsers), your personal Web page (such as My Yahoo!) or you may need an RSS reader.
i) For RSS-Enabled Browsers - In general, clicking on one of the RSS links in the list will take you to the feed. From there, you may be able to subscribe to it as a "live bookmark" or "favorite," or you could copy the feed's address (or "URL") and paste it into your RSS reader or RSS-enabled Web page.

ii) For Non-Enabled Browsers - For most browsers released prior to 2007, including Internet Explorer 9, you will need to copy the address (or "URL") for the feed without trying to open the feed. This can usually be done by right-clicking on the link and copying the link location (choose "Copy Shortcut" in Internet Explorer 9). You can then paste the address into your RSS reader or RSS-enabled Web page.

iii) Please Note: The way you subscribe (or unsubscribe) to a feed depends on the browser, web page, or reader you are going to use. Please consult the documentation for your application to learn how to use it with RSS.
Why? Busy entrepreneurs and executives need automation to be more efficient. Hootsuite a dashboard!
How do you use it? Set up multiple profiles and streams on http://hootsuite.com
When? Leave it open all day on your browser and receive notifications on your tablet and smartphone...
What content? Works with SlideBatch, because you can group items into "batches" with a unique URL...
Using Prezi to spice up your next presentation
LinkedIn Pulse, Feedly, and SmartBlogs
Facebook for B2C
Twitter for the Intermediate User and using hashtags
Google+ and Pinterest
My wife, Ann Marie, and I founded the company in 2008...
Our brand is: Public Relations Marketing & Training
of St. Louis, Missouri
People (such as our families and friends) thought we were crazy to start a marketing company at this time, but we knew that consumers still bought products and services, no matter how bad the economy, so there was a market for our special brand of PR, marketing, and social media consulting services.
We were named on of the Top 25 PR Firms in St. Louis for 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 by Small Business Monthly Magazine
How do I subscribe to Notifications? Look at my Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/elmayuga
Using HootSuite and SlideBatch together as a dashboard
Our motto: "We help our clients sell more because they will be seen!"
This is a TACTICAL class and we will cover STRATEGY in EU Course 217...
Why use it? Pinterest is just like a bulletin board for social media, so it's easy to use!
When should you use it? As you surf the Web, Pinterest lets you organize and share pictures.
Who uses it? People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes, so if you are B2C, you should pin!
What can it do? It can drive more referral traffic to your hub than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined, provided that you have good visual content
How to use it? Here is my Pinboard: http://pinterest.com/elmayuga/
The Social Media Communications Planning Guide
The Hub and Spokes Model
Why You Should Be Using Google +
Using Pinterest
First of all, "What's on Your Mind, as it relates to Social Media Marketing?"
Did you take Ann Marie's EU Course 205: "Public Relations 101: The Basics of "Earned Advertising"?
PR is a key tactic in the implementation of a Social Media Marketing and a Content Marketing strategy
How does PR fit into a Social Media and Content Marketing strategy? Backlinks and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
As Ann Marie indicated, it's all about the integrated message - one message using multiple media outlets
Social Media Communications Planning Guide Handout
At the end of this course today, I would like you to answer the question, "What is my brand?"
Meet the audience (customer) where they spend the most time - "Why should YOU engage with me?"

The tactics you use at each stage will depend upon which social media platforms you have the most connections.
Today is about tactics, but we will delve more into STORYTELLING in EU Course 217!
Once you have your dashboard streams set up in Hootsuite, you will want some current content to share...
For that, I recommend signing up for Smartblog / Smartbrief Updates - http://smartblogs.com
an RSS Reader
Why? Instead of looking at 1000 blogs on 1000 websites, bring those RSS feeds to you!
What should you use it for? Use Feedly to find relevant content and to find out what is happening in your industry
Things to Tweet About Your Brand
Related interesting news
from the industry
Ask for suggestions...
More ideas on your Notes
Another Hub:
Using Flavors.me as a basic website
Google+ for Business
Flavors.me as a personal branding "hub"
Key Points:
Answering the 6 Questions:

Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?
An entrepreneur named Ed Mayuga.
See his story here:

Where? Put it on your HUB - Website, Flavors.me, etc...
Who? Set up a general account for your company, so you can outsource management of the profiles
Where? Share batches with one Slidebatch URL or using the Bookmarklet from Hootsuite
Introducing SlideBatch
Why? Suppose you want to share more than one link or item?
When? Use SlideBatch when you want to Collect, Design and Share (via download) files and links
Who? Works equally well for business users as well as the general public
What can you share? Anything you find on Bing, files on your hardrive, DropBox, OneDrive etc...
Where do you put the URL? In the URL shortener Owl.ly within HootSuite, an email, or tweet it!
How easy is it to create a batch? Someone give me a topic and we will create a batch on http://slidebatch.com
Where can you read it? Not only on your browser but there is also an Android/iOS App.
How do you use it? Let's look at my LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/elmayuga
What content? You could share a SlideBatch, a funny video, a photo of your team etc...
Where? Share directly from your smartphone or tablet. Raw video (tastefully done) is fine!
My goal is for you to take away at least 3 ideas that you can implement in your Social Media Marketing Communications Plan starting tomorrow!
When? First thing in the morning, open Feedly on your browser tabs and skim the headlines
Who should you follow? Thought leaders in your industry. I like Smartblogs & Harvard Business Review.
Where do you subscribe? Look for the
How do you use Feedly? Look at http://feedly.com
What to Tweet?
Why? For simple brand-building thoughts and ideas in 140 characters or less, Twitter is unrivaled
When is a good time to tweet? Whenever you have a link or SlideBatch to share. Hootsuite makes it easy!
Who to follow and retweet? People in your network, on LinkedIn, reporters etc.
Where should I promote my Twitter handle? In and on your LinkedIn profile! ie Ed Mayuga (@elmayuga & @stl_pr)
Why? It's a social network where people are serious about sharing their ideas
When? Use is to share event pictures automatically uploaded from your phone. Or, use it to create Hangouts.
Who should you engage with on Google+? Create circles of people that you would like to create and nurture relationships. They are interested primarily in YOU!
What should you share? Link your important content from blogs, company announcements, events etc.
Where should you start? Try +1 stories on http://www.STLToday.com
How do you use it? Login to Google Chrome with your Gmail account
Where can you use it? On your website, you can use a bookmarklet to make it easy for visitors to share your original images on their Pinboards
How to use it? Let's look at my website:

Why? We'll discuss your company website strategy in EU Course 217, but you should also have a personal "hub" that promotes your own brand
When does Flavors.me update? Whenever you have an new website blog or social media post.
Who would look at this profile? Because you are integrating all of your social media and Web feeds, you could provide this link to anyone interested in your personal brand!
What feeds are included? Your blog, LinkedIn profile, Twitter, Facebook Page, YouTube etc. Most importantly, it has your contact information, so people can find you!
Where should you put the link? In your email signature and LinkedIn profiles to start!
We started our company in the depths of the Great Recession, with the knowledge that small- to mid-sized businesses across the nation would be interested in our PR and marketing services, because of our customized approach and extensive Fortune 500 corporate experience!
Thankfully, we have been able to grow our business and be instructors for Enterprise University, over the last 6 years!
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