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Garrett Morgan

No description

Mr. Parke

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Garrett Morgan

Jamir Thomas
Garrett's education
1. He only went to school until the fifth grade, but he was self-educated
Garrett's career
1. When Garrett left school he moved to Cincinnati,Ohio to become a handyman at the age of fourteen

2. In 1895, he moved to Cleveland,Ohio to began to repair sewing machines

3. In 1907, Morgan opened his own sewing machine and shoe repair shop

Garrett's inventions
1. Garrett invented a lot of things such as the gas mask

2. He also invented the traffic signal

3. A few hair-straightening products

4. Also an improved sewing machine
Garrett Morgan dies July 27, 1963
Garrett Morgan was born March 4, 1877
1. He was born and raised in Paris,KY

2. He was born to two former slaves

3. He is one of eleven children
Garrett Morgan
Garrett was a publisher and inventor
Garrett was a hero!
In 1916, Cleveland, OH was drilling a new tunnel under Lake Erie for a supply of fresh water. The workers hit something filled with natural gas, and resulted in an explosion. Garrett managed to save six bodies.

Community Leadership
1. Garrett lead the Cleveland Association of Colored Men
2. That was a group of colored men helping improve economic and social conditions for the black community
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