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Hero's Journey -- Perfume

No description

Sheren Sobeih

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Hero's Journey -- Perfume

A Hero's Journey by Sheren Sobeih Perfume: The Story of a Murderer The girl cutting the plums on the streets of Paris. Grenouille spent his whole life a loner, and he didn't want any help on his journey nor did he have any friends. Guide/Mentor & Companions In the end Grenouille does get what he wants, which is his perfume made of the 25 virgins. Ultimate Boon/ Magic Elixir By the end of the book it is obvious that Grenouille cannot master both worlds because after making his marvelous potion he does not know what else to do. Master of Both Worlds Call to Adventure Refusal of the Call & Answering the Call Grenouille accepts the call to adventure immediately.
He is motivated to respond to the call because he knew that her scent was the most beautiful thing he had ever smelt and he wanted to keep it forever. Talisman Laure is the reason Grenouille continues on his journey. Initiation/Road of Trials Grenouille had to learn how to extract the scents off of people before he could make his perfume. He also had to avoid the police and find Laure after her father tried to hide her. Crossing the Threshold The moment when Grenouille crosses the threshold is when he goes to work for Baldini. The Temptress/Goddess Although Laure did not know Grenouille, she tempted him in a rather unusual way. It was her lovely scent that kept Grenouille going and made him kill the other 24 girls. Abduction Since Grenouille is the bad guy its not that he gets abducted, but he kidnaps the girls and then kills them. Night Journey When Grenouille leaves Baldini's he plans on heading to Grasse, but he ends up stopping at a cave. Ritual Death or Dismemberment At Baldini's Perfumery Grenouille falls ill with smallpox and is going to die because he learned that he could not gather the scents he needed. Sacred Marriage The closest relationship Grenouille had with anyone was with Laure because he was so obsessed with her scent, but she did not even know him. Entering the Belly of the whale There is a point when Grenouille is literally separated from the outside world when he goes to live in the cave for seven years. Magic Flight/ Pursuit Grenouille is caught by the police and they are going to execute him. It seems as though Grenouille cannot get away and he will die. The police are after Grenouille because of all the murders. At first he tries to be stealthy, but once he kills Laure, he does not attempt to hide from them, and they catch him. Rescue from Without Freedom to Live At the end of the book Grenouille chooses death, which in its own way, allows everyone else to live freely because he can no longer hurt anyone. When Grenouille pours his perfect perfume on himself in front of the large crowd of people they all begin to go crazy over his beautiful scent and basically worship him Apotheosis Atonement with the Father Grenouille is invited into Laure's father's house, but instead of living with him he leaves which shows how evil Grenouille really is because he doesn't accept the good life.
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