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ARE: Schematic Design

No description

Miranda Groth

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of ARE: Schematic Design

ARE Study Session | Schematic Design 11.13.12 The Goal The application of knowledge and skills required for the schematic design of buildings and interior space planning. The Task 2 Vignettes Interior Layout
Design an interior space plan and furniture arrangement responding to program, code, and accessibility requirements. Building Layout
Develop a schematic design for a two-story building addressing program, code, site, and environmental requirements. The Time The Approach: Interior Layout Layout 4-6 identified rooms or areas (room sizes are not given)
Total space is approx. 1000 - 1500 sf
Final layouts will be determined by program, furniture, accessibility What you will need to draw: -new walls
-interior doors
-furniture elements for each space Considerations: -generic accessibility code
-proportions and sizing of rooms
-views, windows The Program: -space and furniture requirements
-code requirements
-180 degree turn in 60 inches
- 36 inch min. clear distance between obstructions
-32 inches clear
-maneuvering clearances Starting out: -begin with the conference room
-fewest elements
-easily allows for clearances
-important adjacencies
-put all furniture directly outside room
-layout walls Tips & tricks -don't be a designer
-avoid having furniture in the middle of the room
-draw circles (3', 5')
-draw squares (5' x 5', 4'-6" x 5') Resources AIA office materials
-ftp site for alternates
NCARB practice software
Norman Dorf videos, book The Approach: Building Layout Must produce 2 story floor plan that fulfills requirements of the program
Address limitations of the site (easements, adjacencies, etc.)
Layout 15-20 programmed spaces (totalling 10-15,000 sf) What you will need to draw: -every room in the program
-windows Considerations: -some room locations will be determined for you, others will not be
-determine adjacencies that are required
-all spaces should be accessible from the corridor
-avoid 'L' shaped rooms if possible The Program: -second floor envelope must be 'congruent with or wholly contained within the first floor envelope'
-corridor space shall not exceed 25% of the total program area
-two exits from each floor, separated by a travel distance
-swing doors in the direction of egress travel, but do not reduce clear exit path Starting out: -make an adjacency diagram
list all of the spaces and their levels
first floor should have more sf
-stack stairs and elevator
-mechanical room on first floor Tips & tricks: -work a very loose parti before finalizing plans
-do not worry about doors and windows at first
-do not waste time making a rectangular shape
-no points for being a 'designer'
-a simple, single, linear corridor may work best
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