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The Scientific Method For Falcons

Overview of scientific method with observation exercises

Leonel Betancourt

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of The Scientific Method For Falcons

The Scientific
Steps of the Scientific Process
What is the Scientific Process?
Steps of the Scientific Process
The scientific process is not just applicable in science.
It has many applications. It is not just a tool, but a way of
thinking about the world around you and how you or others
impact it.
A way of thinking
Can be applied to any field of science including biology, chemistry, and physics
It is the process of data analysis, datamanipulation, data recording and data interpretation
Involves breaking down data and processing how the data came to be
State the Question
What are you trying to find out?
What are you trying to solve?

Collect information about your question
Collect information on what you are trying to solve
Form a hypothesis
What do you predict/think will happen?
Does it make sense? Does it go with your information?

Test the hypothesis
Prove or disprove the hypothesis
Design your method (experiment) on how you will test your hypothesis
Steps of the Scientific Process
Observe your experiment
Are the results consistent with your hypothesis?
Why or why not?
What went right or wrong?

Record and study data
Analyze your data
What is the data telling you?
How will manipulating the experiment change the data?
Steps of the Scientific Process
Draw a conclusion
What was the final outcome of your experiment?
Was your hypothesis confirmed or disproved?
The conclusion gives the final picture of all your data
This can show you if you are following the process correctly or not
Observation Exercise 1
Find the following items:
clothes pin
playing card
the letters A and B
Observation Exercise 2
Observation Exercise 3
Observation Exercise 4
Pay Attention
Observation Exercise 5
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