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The Impact of Beauty Contests on the Self-Esteem and Body Im

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Bahattin Cizreli

on 14 December 2017

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Transcript of The Impact of Beauty Contests on the Self-Esteem and Body Im

The Impact of Beauty Contests on the Self-Esteem and Body Image of Women
what ıs the body measurements determined by beauty contests?
Beauty contests held on national and international podiums clearly reveal the physical appearance norms of modern times.
This physical appearance show itself in the following ways;
Size zero
Upright breasts
Long lenght
Round hips
Proportional face
Body Image, is a multidimensional concept, which included several different components.
With a narrow definition, body image is a concept that expresses one's thoughts, feelings and perceptions about one's body.
The most important feature of body image is the fact that it is not a sitting mold judgment. In other words, the body image is a structure that changes continuously. The seasons can vary according to age, life events, the media and the fashion of the period.
The difference between how the individual perceives himself and the individuality that someone wants to be refers to the level of self-esteem of that individual. The greater the harmony and consistency between these two selves, the higher the self-esteem.
the example of lady dıana
Lady Diana was a diseased of bulimia nervosa.
From this sample we can understand that even a woman with all the means did not get rid of the imposed sense of beauty.
As a result, beauty perception is created every century and we are born into it. And these perceptions have psychological and sociological harmful consequences.
Although there is no consensus on self-esteem, it is the attitudes and truths that people use in their evaluation of themselves.
Self-esteem is a kind of motivation.
anorexia nervosa
This disease can be explained as follows; one has a body weight below normal, but is extremely afraid of weight gain or fatness.
bulimia nervosa
Vomiting with her/his own discretion to avoid gaining weight
thank you for your listening!
De Beauvoir, Simone (1952). The Second Sex. London: Bantham Books.
Berger, J. (1986). Görme Biçimleri. (Y. Salman, Çev.) İstanbul: Metis Yayınları.
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