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Biography For Lauren Tarshis

No description

kyle harrell

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Biography For Lauren Tarshis

Biography For Lauren Tarshis
When and where she was born
Lauren Tarshis was born in Albuquerque,New Mexico, November 23,1963.
Were she lives today
What Lauren does in her spare time
When Lauren is not writing stories or great kids magazines,working on stories or with her family she likes to be with her friends.
As Lauren gets older she tries harder and harder to learn new things.This year she learned how to create a website.Lauren also got lost for the very first time after she had learned and went hiking,when they were lost an old mysterious man came out of no where and helped them find their way back and she learned to have a compass and good maps.
Today Lauren lives in Connecticut
with her husband,her four children who are 8,14,19,22,and her mother-in-law.
Books she writes
Lauren writes the I Survived series.
Books:I Survived the sinking of the titanic,I Survived the bombing of pearl harbor,and I Survived the shark attacks of 1916.
where I got the information
www.laurentarshis.com/about-me is where I got the information.
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