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IEP Process

This presentation will take the viewer from the general education prereferral process through transition.

Suzanne McCool

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of IEP Process

Double click anywhere & add an idea The IEP Process: What to do and When General Education: Prereferral Process

Student Study Team and Response to Intervention: Teacher provides accomodations made for the student stuggling. Meeting held with parents , teachers, and other school personnel to review data and make recommendations for modifications to use in general education. Teacher then implements modifications and interventions recommended by the Student Study Team. The Team reconvenes to determine if student has made progress or not. If student has not progressed, then the team will refer the student for assessment.

Special Education: Referral Process & Assessment
Eligibility & IEP Developement Services (placement) & Implmentation Review: Timeline Transition Within 15 Days the school will
Provide notice, purpose, and copy of rights to the parents.
Review Existing Data

Determine need for evaluation Within 15 Days the parents will Consider and decide the proposed assessment plan. Provide written consent
Within 60 days of receiving consent the school will Conduct assessments to determine eligibility

Provide notice of proposed meeting to parents explaining its purpose Within 30 days of the IEP notification to parents the IEP team will Convene with parents as memebers of the team

Discuss student strengths, needs, present levels of performance

Provide parents with a copy of eligibility report

Determine eligibility for sevices.

Obtain written consent for services
At times, determining eligibility can be lengthy and the meeting must adjourn. In this case, the school must provide notice of an IEP meeting within 30 days. IEP team will obtain consent and develop and implement IEP within 30 days of this second meeting. Services of the IEP that are offered should be implemented as soon as possible, but
can take within the 30 days noted above. The IEP team will meet at least annually from date of last IEP team meeting.

meet triennially due to student being reassessed every three years Meeting will review:
student's program
IEP Goals
Appropriateness of services and make revisions if necessary Age 16, IEP must state needed transition services
Meaningful transition between school and post-school setting
(further education, employment, independent living)
Inlcudes appropriate and measurable goals related to employment, etc.
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Smoith, T.E.C., Polloway, E.A., Patton, J.R., Dowdy, C.N. (2006). Teaching Strategies with Special Needs in Inclusive Settings (4th ed.). Boston: Pearson Education, Inc.

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