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The life cycle of frogs

No description

Judy Aquilina

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of The life cycle of frogs

Click on this link to watch a video showing the stages of a frog's life cycle, presented by two young children, with true to life images.
The Life Cycle of a Frog .
Follow the blue arrows to find the key words and
Awesome Educational Links on Frogs
There are many frog species all over the world! Can you find out the name of each frog below and write down one interesting fact about each one ?
* Word Search :
Have a go at designing your own frog fun facts word search, now that you know so much about frogs. Here is a useful website to look at:

* Frog Habitats :
Why not draw up a plan for a frog habitat ?
You have sites to research, you can start collecting idea's.
How would you create a frog friendly garden at home or at school ?

We will leave you to think about these idea's and we hope that you enjoy your learning Journey.
Fun Frog Idea's :
Interactive Media
Presented by Judy Aquilina and Vanessa Hall
The Life Cycle of a Frog
see how frogs grow from eggs to adult frogs .
Many living things begin life from an egg. Click on the
link below to learn more about life cycles with some fun games and activities.

* Can you list 8 different species of frogs?
* Where do frogs live ?
* List as many characteristics of frogs as possible ?
* What do tadpoles and frogs diets consist of ?
* What is their life expectancy ?
* What are the everyday dangers to frogs ?
* Do humans impact on a frogs habitat and how ?
* When are frogs most active?
* Do frogs hibernate like turtles and bears?
* Are all frogs safe to handle? Why/Why not?
Here are some interesting frog facts to research and think about :




animals.nationalgeographic.com -
Books about frogs
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