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Sales Force Guide

No description

Simone Mongelli

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Sales Force Guide

Welcome to Sales!
What is Salesforce?
How can I convert my leads?
A day as a Sales Representative

Daily report

Converted: 13 | Landlords 6 | AP: 1

Barcelona: Converted: 1 | Landlords: 1
Zaragoza: Converted: 9 | Landlords: 4
Valencia: Converted: 3 | Landlords: 1 | AP:1
Working with Salesforce
Salesforce is a sales representative's best friend. You'll be using this program
. It keeps all the essential data that allows us to work from start to end
You need your own account.
To get it you have to talk directly with our Salesforce Controller, she/he will give you access: a
User name
and a
Salesforce will send access directly to your new working email address
In the '
' tab you will find an ocean of
. Yay! These leads contain all the new Landlords, Accommodation providers (APs) or Agencies that you have to get on board (convert)! All the
open leads
are divided by city.

Take one open lead
. That means that you are the owner now!
Call the lead
. While you are calling, check the info of the original site
Try to adapt your speech regarding the
Decide the
“Status of Interest”

Working with Salesforce
Status of interest:

Open Lead:
means not reached. Then you have to go to “Activity History” and “Log a Call” as a “Not reached”
WELL DONE! Make sure you have all the info
Bummer. Sometimes they just aren't interestd. You have to write the reason down
Sales in progress:
Not bad, they're interested, but they need more information about us.Try to get their email and send all the info or make an appointment to call them back.
Bad lead:
when the lead is incomplete or doesn't have all the basic information
Old lead

Working with Salesforce
My Apartments - Not ready to be listed: Check it daily! It should be empty! Make sure all the info is correct and filled in
My Apartments - Send nestpick link: It has to be empty as well

Welcome to Salesforce!

First of all… Do you know exactly what nestpick is?
We are an online platform that works internationally to connect landlords with tenants and provides accommodation for the medium to long term, helping young professionals and international students find rooms abroad. Awesome!

What is your goal?
You are the landlord´s first contact! That means you are the first impression they have on nestpick!

How can you start?
As soon as you arrive our Office Manager will provide you with:
a nestpick email, a salesforce and phone account
a laptop, a mouse, softphones and all the basic stuff you need
03 Sales-Performance Reports
031 Daily / Apts RfCC by person / by City. If you would like to check your daily performance.
033 Monthly / Apts RfCC by person / by City. To check your monthly performance in order to know if you are able to reach your personal target.
This is your goal as a Sales person!

You have to make sure all the information is filled out properly and clearly.

: “Status of Interested”:
: You need to complete all the information required to complete our data base.
Make sure you fill all the blank spaces! screen shot!!!!
Important: If one thing is missing, the apartment is not ready to be listed.

Within 10 days. Start 48h hours after the conversion date
After 18:00 you have to schedule it after 72 hours!

Next steps
Welcome email:
It is sent automatically by Salesforce. You have to choose the language preference and mark “Send welcome mail” as “yes”
If this process is done on the right way, that means this landlord, AP or Agency is acquired perfectly in our system
Content department will send you an email: “Send nestpick link to the landlord”. Then you send the link already created to the landlord

Coffee? Check! Computer on? Check! Ready to call? WAIT!
Check your email
. Make sure all the customer doubts are solved and replied in time
them beautiful nestpick links out to the landlords!
Team meeting:
Your wise and sage team leader will let you know the plan of action for the day
Time to C&C!
That's Call and Convert for the unimaginative. Make sure you achieve your group and personal daily target
As an awesome day comes to an end:
check your email again and again
, it has to be “
” before you leave
Create your detailed
daily report
(have a look on the example below), and send it to :
Fill in the
sheet per city (you will be given access to this don't get ahead of yourself)

Set Email templates:

Settings-Labs-Canned Responses- Enable- Save Changes.
Compose-(More Options bottom)-Canned Responses- New Canned Responses- New Canned Responses Name- Copy the template, delete your signature- Save.
Repeat the same process for all the different templates you work with

What is nestpick?
How many people work at nestpick?
Where is nestpick located?
What is Rocket Internet?
Is nestpick the same as Rocket Internet?
Is nestpick like airbnb?
What kinds of tenants rent through your platform?
What countries is nestpick present in?
How does nestpick make money?
How can I remove my listings?
How can I modify my listings?
Do I have to pay to use the platform?
What is the average price of listings?
Is there a minimum rental period?
What does medium to long term rental mean?
How quickly do you think you will rent out my property?
Can I decide what kind of tenant i want?
When do I receive my money?
How do you verify the tenant?
Am I obliged to accept the tenants?
How long do I have to make a decision?
Can i send you my own pictures?
How much deposit do I get?
What do you do with the deposit?
Do you provide insurance for landlords?
If the tenants don't show up?
Be Ready!
***EMAIL. EMAIL. EMAIL. You'd be surprised how many times you get the wrong address!
Be as precise and detailed as possible in the description, if there is anything more to add. Make sure you FILL OUT ALL THE BLANK SPACES!
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