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How I Nicky Flynn Finally Get A Life (and a dog)

No description

Alisha K

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of How I Nicky Flynn Finally Get A Life (and a dog)

How I Nicky Flynn Finally Get A Life (and a dog)
Main Conflict
Nicky is a diynamic and a indirect character. He changed to not liking Reggie to loving Reggie. Afterwards, he threw a paperball at this teacher. Besides, he called a old man an old fart. Again, he destroyed an fressibe that he recived from his "grandpa". Inshort, he is begging his mom to keep the dog that he didn't like.
Theme and how it connects to the plot

The book, How I Nicky Flynn Finally Get A Life
(and a dog) is about an 11 year old boy named Nicky Flynn that has a hard time with his life. Plus his mom got him a new dog named that he wanted when he was little. First, his mom got him a dog named Reggie. Second, at school he's getting bullied by a boy named Timmy. Third, Nicky and his mom is having a hard time taking care of his dog. Instead, Nicky and Reggie run away from home to his dad house. Therefor, Nicky came back with Reggie now learing to take care of a dog and Tim is now nice to Nicky. This is the plot and summery.
Plot and Summery
Nicky Flynn gets a dog.Now he's going to go through the work of caring for a dog and he as trouble with his life now he's 11. First, Nicky has to deal with a bully. While, his dog Reggie has always done somethime terrible. Although, Nicky has anger issues with teachers. On one hand, Reggie bit Mom's have and made a mess. Finally, Nicky ran away with Reggie from home. Nicky is having all kinds of trouble.
Main Character Analysis
The book's theme is having a dog is good, funny and hard. First, a dog challenges you to do new things. Since, an owner has to buy toys, food,bowls, collers, leashes and if hurt pay to the vet. Besides, dogs can be funny and helpful. Therefor, Reggie is Nicky's best friend and guard dog.
Recommendation of the book
This book I recommend to people who loves dogs. First, it has a hard working eye seeing dog. Even though, it has some funny and sad parts. Then, it has an intresting storyline. Lastly, this book has some life problems. This is why I recommenden this book
Reading Strategy
My reading strategy is putting a bookmark and re-read. First, putting my bookmark makes me not read ahead. Second, putting my finger makes me stay with my reading. Last, I re-read when I don't get it. Those are my reading strategy.
My growth as a reader
My growth as a reader is growing as the year goes by. First, I can see my Lexile rising as the year goes by. Secondly, I can see myself understanding more. Finally, I get information from reading slowly. This is my growth as a reader.
Reading Strategy
P. 88, 20, 124, 143, 148, 149
P.1, 35, 9, 240
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