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Morpheus- God of Dreams

No description

Pikachu Pika Pika

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Morpheus- God of Dreams

The Lord O' Dreams Morpheus The Lord O' Dreams Morpheus By Trevor Broska By Trevor Broska A Brief Introduction
Morpheus was the Greek god of Dreams.
Often overlooked in mythology, he is not
commonly recognized. Morpheus was the leader
of the Oneiroi, the spirits, or daimones, of Dreams.
The others were his two brothers, Icelus and Phantasos.
The three triplets dwell in the Land of Dreams, thought to be
hidden somewhere in the underworld, near the realm of Night and
her children. His father Hypnos, personified sleep, and his mother was Pasithea. His uncle was the god Thanatos, one of the gods of Death. The name Morpheus comes from the word Morph, to mold or shape, as he is the sculptor of Dreams. Morpheus may take many shapes, but often chooses to portray himself as a man, occasionally with wings. in traditional mythology Morpheus did not have a wife, but some tales were ready to see him with the goddess Iris. The Might of M Morpheus was not known for being one
of the more powerful of the gods. Called 'The Messenger of the Gods' Morpheus called upon his power of creating dreams to deliver messages and warnings. Morph's Myths The most famous myth of Morpheus is about two
lovers. Although they were happy with one another,
they had encountered many worldly problems, so the
husband set off across the sea to ask the advice of an oracle. On the way there, he encounters a terrible storm and drowns. Back on land, his wife does not know of his fate, and prays to Hera, the Queen of all gods, to help her husband be safe. Hera heard this prayer, and asked Morpheus to tell the woman of her husband's fate. So Morpheus sets out in search of this woman,
to tell her about how her husband died. He appears before her
in a dream, in her husband's form, and tells her he has died. The next day the woman heads down to where she waved farewell to her husband. She sees something drifting towards shore. It is her husband's body. As she weeps for him, the gods transform them both into birds and they are reunited and alive, their love unchanged. And each year their are seven days on which the sea is calm and still, for the woman (now a bird) sits brooding in her nest on these as it floats on the sea. Morpheus was a very mysterious god, and was often symbolized by a closed eye and a dark crown. To conclude our story...... Morpheus was one of the minor gods of Greek mythology, a very mysterious character who dwells in the shady Realm of Dreams, where he works sending the messages of the gods, and creating dreams. He may even visit you......... Thanks for watching! Bibliography I used several websites for this project, but as Morpheus is rather an uncommon and unknown god, there were no books I could find about him. These websites were: Unknown Author, Wikipedia.org, retrieved February 14 from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morpheus_(mythology)
www.greekmyths-Unknown Author, Greekmythology.com "Morpheus", retrieved February 14 from greekmythology.com/morpheus-the-god-of-dreams/
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