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Introduction to Drugs Prezi

No description

Jason Cliff

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Drugs Prezi

Drugs Any substance other than food, which is taken to change the way the body or mind works. This includes: illicit drugs, alcohol, prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, laxatives, vitamins, sleeping pills and everyday beverages (colas, tea, & coffee) Use vs. Abuse Drug use is ingesting, inhaling, absorbing or injecting any drug in order to change the way you think, act or feel, without interfering with one's daily activities. Types of Drugs STIMULANTS Drugs that speed up or excite the central nervous system. These drugs make you feel more alert, energetic and euphoric. They allow you to stay awake for long periods of time and decrease your appetite. DEPRESSANTS Examples include: Cocaine/Crack, Amphetamines, Tobacco, Caffeine Drugs that slow down the functions of the central nervous system. These drugs make you less aware of the events around you. Examples include: Alcohol, Opiates (Heroin, Codeine, Morphine), Sedatives (Sleeping Medications, Rohypnol), Tranquilizers (Valium), Inhalants HALLUCINOGENS Drugs that distort the senses and one's awareness or perception of events. One might see or hear things that don't actually exist. Examples include: LSD, PCP, Mescaline, Ketamine, Magic Mushrooms Drugs that don't easily fall into a drug category
Ecstasy - Has characteristics of both Stimulants and Hallucinogens
Cannabis - Has characteristics of all three drug categories
Steroids Drug abuse occurs when the use of a drug results in a problem in one or more of the following areas: At School, At Work, With Family/Friends, With Law Enforcement
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