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The Gulf by Geraldine Mccaughrean

No description

Maddy Weir

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of The Gulf by Geraldine Mccaughrean

The Gulf by
Geraldine Mccaughrean

BY Maddy, Mollie, Riddhi, Tallulah
The main character is constantly moving until he gets to the gulf, the writer only very briefly describes the other areas he goes through on his escape. When the character first reaches the gulf he describes it as 'a gorge of such dizzying depth', this helps you picture and understand how it looks and if helps your to create a mental image which helps the reader to enjoy the story.
Our Presentation
Our presentation will include:
Narrative action
The writer uses many language techniques to emphasize certain points in the story.
The writer uses a simile to create tension when the writer said that 'his voice dropped into the ravine like a rockfall', it creates tension as it reveals some of the characters feelings, it allows the reader to have the same sense of hopelessness and help the reader feel pathos for the boy.
The writer uses varied lengths of paragraphs as it keeps the readers interests and bullet point important occurrences with in the story. The writer uses single sentences but also half page paragraph, this helps to outline the more important features. The writer states that 'he reached the gulf.' that single sentence was a paragraph of it's own.
Mood and Tone
The writer creates a tense and powerful tone with her used of particular lexical choices, specifically adjectives. The adjectives 'cold' and 'thin' create the tense atmosphere. The adjective 'magical' creates a powerful mood as it connotes good things, where as the rest of the story has an element of danger.
The main character, Juan, is a fugitive running away from a chase. He is portrayed as a fairly angry and frustrated character who is desperate to escape his awful life, for a new. Juan feels like he is past help and that he is destined for death and capture. The character 'laughed hollowly."I am past helping. This gulf did for me."' This exposes his desperation and frustration.
Narrative Action
This story is bases around a fugitive who is attempting to escape his captors. On his journey he encounters the gulf which is unexpectedly wide. There he observes a community of rope makers. A little girl offers to aid his crossing. The entire community involves themselves in his crossing. Juan makes it across just as the captors arrive, 'bouncing over the rough terrain'.
Thank you for watching!!!!!!!!!!
We hope you found our presentation informative and enjoyable!
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