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Causes and Effects of the Spanish Civil War

No description

Mrs. Walton

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Causes and Effects of the Spanish Civil War

Causes and Effects of the Spanish Civil War
Causes of the War
Right Republic (November 1933-February 1936)
Black years
Violence was widespread
Church power restored
Army power restored
Popular Front (February 1936-July 1936)
Anti-fascist pact
socialist and communists
Encouraged Peasants to seize land
Organized bombings and assassinations
Political Disunity
Communists and Socialists
VS Anarchists
Military Problems
fought battles rather than the war
did not trust one another
Nationalist Strengths
Political Unity
Franco controlled Carlists and Falange
Support from Church
Franco used terror and propaganda
Military Unity
Accepted one leader (Franco)
Had communication equipment from Portugal
Had support of African Army
best troops in the country
The End
Causes of the War
Weak Government
Constitutional Monarchy
King abdicated the throne 1931
Rigged elections
Role of the Spanish Army
Had political power
Unpopular with the people
Caused high taxes
Not as 'powerful' as portrayed
lost to America in1898
struggled to keep control of Morocco 1906/1926
Causes of the War
The Church
Had control of education
Upper class supported the church
Globally behind in industrialization
Large gap between the rich and the poor
Causes of the War
Regions of Spain
Each region had their own political views and wanted independence
Own economies and churches
Political Groups
Many different groups with
different opinions of the government
Causes of the War
Fall of the King
Abdicated throne
failed to get the country out of debt and depression
Second Republic was established
Left Republic (April 1931-November 1933)
Reduced church powers
Reduced army size
Republican Weaknesses
Economic Problems
No resources
No country would trade with them
NIC- Non-Intervention Committee
France and Britain
Spent Spanish gold reserves on USSR help
Foreign Assistance
International Brigades
35,000 foreign volunteers
...Eventually everyone went home
Nationalist Strengths
had resources
countries traded with them
business community supported them
Foreign assistance
Nationalist Won the War
Republican Weakness
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