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Mosses and Ferns

No description

kirsten bevaart

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Mosses and Ferns

Reproducion of Mosses
A moss called sphangum used to be very abundant and dead portions of it were collected, dried, and sold as peat moss. Peat moss is used in gardening and agriculture. Also, as sphangum accumulates it becomes dense and can be cut and dug up and can be used as a fuel source in homes . It also has been used in the cleaning up of oil spills because it is antiseptic
Discussion Questions
Ferns are tracheophytes which means that they have a vascular system. They have true roots, stems, and complex leaves. Ferns are most abundant in the tropics and rainforests and dry, cold areas have very few ferns. They are diverese in habitat, form, and reproductive method. They can range from 2mm to 15 m in height and they play an important role in ecological succession because they contribute to to organic material and can create enviromental conditions that other plants require, which may have a negative affect on the ferns ability to survive because they can not compete
Reproduction of Ferns
What is tbe differnce between a bryophyte and a tracheophyte?
Citation Page

Blackstone, V. (n.d.). Similarities Between Mosses & Ferns. Retrieved from http://homeguides.sfgate.com/similarities-between-mosses-ferns-64490.html

Ferns play an important role in ecological succession. They are pioneer plants that grow on bare exposed rock surfaces in open bogs and marshes and are able to grow in areas where there are forest fires. They create enviromental conditions that other plants require
Mosses and Ferns
Mosses are bryophytes, which means that they are non vascular. They are small plants that grow in clumps or mats and often resemble a thick, green velvet. There are over 1170 species of mosses in North America. Mosses play an important role in many eco-systems and are also of value to humans.

What is sphangum and what is it used for?
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