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Cry, The Beloved Country Klaus Series 11-A

No description

Klaus Series

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Cry, The Beloved Country Klaus Series 11-A

Cry, the beloved country
by alan paton
Chapters one to five THEME
The Book is a protest against the structures of the African society that would later give rise to apartheid. But it also represents the fear of the African families. Thesis Statement
Cry the Beloved Country is a book that represents the reality of African Natives in the lately 40s and as well as today. And then a little child gives him
a letter. The shepherd doens't know if
he should open it or not, so he calls his wife.
Before they open it they start thinking from
who it may be. Maybe from his sister Gertrude who went out
to Johannesburg with her child looking for her husband,
who worked in the mines and never came back, she never
came back to, or write again. Or from his son Absolom, who went
to Johannesburg looking for his aunt,
but he never came bake or wrote again
to his parents. The Book: chapters one to five
The story beginss with the description of Ixopo's landscape, the village where the shepherd Stephen Kumalo lives. Or maybe form his brother John,
ho went to Johannesburg looking
for a better live and just like his
sister and nephew never came
back or wrote again. But they have no clue form
who of the three the letter may be.
So they opened and read it.
The letter was about the sister and
it said, that she was very sick and
he should go to the Mission House in Johannesburg to the Rev. Theophilus Msimangu After having read the letter the
Kumalos are speechless.
After a while Stephen decides to go to Johannesburg, so his wife gives him the money that
they have save old those years The Reverend takes a train to
On the road he sees the coalmines
and the crowd working there Once Kumalo is in Johannesburg,
he doesn't know what to do or go,
so a young man offers him help,
but the young man rob him some
money. After that Kumalo meets a
decent man who takes him to
the Mission House, where he
finally meet Rev. Msimangu.
Msimangu tells him that his
sister is a prostitute and that
he will take him to her, but first he has to rest so he stays at Mrs. Lithebe's place.

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