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Computer Lab Expectations K-5

Breakdown of academic and behavioral Lab Expectations for K-5 Technology Lab for Mehlville School District's Elementary Schools

Lisa Watson

on 19 July 2016

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Transcript of Computer Lab Expectations K-5

Get a squirt of hand sanitizer
Log on to your computer
Look and Listen for directions
Follow Directions the first time given
Be ready to start in 2 minutes

Computer Lab Expectations

Input 2:
Starting your Task
Start projects independently
Raise your hand and wait patiently for questions
Finish as much of your project as you can
Print with Permission ONLY
Save to the correct drive
Do your best work
Work Hard
Input 3:
Dismissal Expectations
Save all work to student drive
Log off of your computer as instructed
Hang up your head phones on the hook
Push in your chair
Remove any items added to your table while you were there (pencil, paper, books...)
Line up at a level ZERO
Have a nice rest of the day!

Input 1:
Arrival Expectations
1st Grade
2nd Grade
Review 1st grade skills
Know word spacing and special character keys
Type text from other sources onto document
Use the task bar
Find Information on Internet
Know difference between selecting and highlighting text
Open/Close/Save and find documents in student drive
Create a Power Point Presentation
Type change font/size/color using Word
Start Formal Keyboarding Lessons
Blog on District Discussion Board
Log in without help
Know computer parts like mouse, keyboard, monitor...
Use a mouse, keyboard, printer
Navigate PortaPortal site with assistance
Use drawing programs to write, draw, and graph data
Type name, words, and sentences
Use computer vocabulary like scroll, mouse, load...
Navigate and use math and language arts sites
4th Grade
Review 3rd grade skills
Understand Network Drives, File Organization, Minimize/Maximize, and start menu on PCs
Practice Mehlville Acceptable Use Guidelines with integrity
Practice copyright laws with integrity
Perform keyboarding with 85% accuracy
Use appropriate applications to plan, create, and present a project
Blog on District Discussion Board
5th Grade
Review 4th grade skills
Understand and use Copyright, Plagiarism and On-line Research
Use integrity and proper ethics when researching, writing, and presenting information
Understand Network Drives, File Organization, and Start menu
Keyboard 25-35 words per minute with 100 percent accuracy
Blog on District Discussion Board
Review Second Grade Skills
Complete 3 Weeks of Formal Keyboarding
Know Saving/Closing/Opening using student drive
Know Advanced Applications
Know Peripherals and Devices
Use Microsoft and other office products
Research basic topics through pre-selected websites
Understand Computer Citizenship and Copyright Usage
Navigate Web
Blog on District Discussion Board
3rd Grade

We will learn about:
1. Computer Components
2. Computer Citizenship and User Agreements
3. Website Navigation
4. Keyboarding
5. Exploring Research Databases
6. Accessing Software Applications

Pre and Post Tests are given to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students to assess skills

Navigate PortaPortal and other web sites
Type name without help onto an e-page
Know shift, space, comma, question mark, exclamation point, apostrophe, period keys and use them properly with assistance
Type hand written or printed text onto your page
Know computer vocabulary such as CPU...
Know the difference between input and output devices
Use a text box
Open/Close/Save on programs like MS Word, Tux Paint, and Power Point
Change Font Size/Color
Insert re-size, and move clip art

Computer Citizens who are:
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