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Boot Camp by Todd Strasser

No description

Karlie Aldred

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Boot Camp by Todd Strasser

Boot Camp by Todd Strasser
Parental Authority
" 'sir, is it possible that someone could be sent here for the wrong reason?' i ask."
'Children are sent here by thier parents, garrett.'
'And parents are always right sir?'
'That is the principle under which we operarte. Atleast until a child reaches the age of emancipation' "
~page 16
Todd Strasser showed a common struggle amongst teens. "You're parents know what's best for you", and "They have been where you are so the know better" are just some phrases I have heard through the years. Todd shows how seriously people take this,and how extreme the lengths that some parents are willing to go through so their child is "fixed". Personally,parents are not always right. Some of the situations that modern teens go through, not all parents have had to endure. As you can see in Garrett's case, his word means nothing against his parents, and this is something seen more often than someone would think.
Troubled Teenagers
" 'Never forget , These kids have had years of experience, lying, minipulating, doing whatever it takes to get what they want,' Harry counsels her." ~page 4
The typical way troubled teens are seen is not very pleasant. Teenagers that are troubled lie,steal, minipulate, smoke, and "mess around". The author shows a variety of different thinks to consider someone a trouble teen throughout the book. Many of these tales are sided with one point of view, the view from someone elses eyes, and the teens opinion is simply forgotten.
This quote from the book effectively shows how the word of someones parent versus the word of the child themselves.
Physical & Emotional Abuse
"I am beaten off for the next twenty-four hours.The rule against leaving visible marks is temporarily suspended. My lips are swollen and split, my eyes blackened, my nose raw from bleeding." ~page 218
I believe the author effectively used emotional and physical in this story, showing the hardships some teens go through and emphasizing the "importance" in social status in todays society(i.e the better you are seen as, the better you are treated. I'm against the idea of abuse in anyway,and Todd did a good job emphasizing how negatively it affects people.
"no one gets through this program with their ppride intact. Your pride goes with the rest of the crap. We tear you down the build you the way you should be." ~page 27
I chose this quote to represent the kind of physical abuse that was asministered while Garrett was a Lake Harmony.
I chose this quote to show the lengths that the staff of Lake Harmony was willing to just to break your will,and mentally damage you so you will follow their way of life, "the right way".
The words that Harry says in this quote show the stereotypical way that troubled teens are seen. No matter if it is true or not, this is how society sees a majority of troubled teenagers.
Compliance Under Duress
" 'Were you hit,or beaten,or kicked or injuryed at any time by a staff
member?' the man in the topcoat asks again.
Mr. z's eyes narrow into a furious glare. i know my mother said i would
never see him again, but i'm still afraid.
'tell the truth garrett,' my father urges. 'did they hurt you?'
' i...i...yes,sir,they did.' i feel mr.z's eyes on me. 'but-.'
'but what?' my father asks.
'but....i deserved it,sir.' ~page 232
Todd Strasser did and amazing job showing how even the strongest-willed people can break. You can believe that you're invincible and can find a way around anything, but when you face a challenge that threatens your well-being you tend to comply. This does change you and it doesn't matter if you try to go back to your old habits.
This is the last scene in the book, throughout the last few chapters you see Garrett accept the way he is "supposed" to behave because the fear of what would happen to him if he didn't comply took over. This quote shows the outcome of consantly being threatened and submitting to their way of living.
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